Day 2539: What attracts our attention

When I was driving to work the other day, my attention was attracted by a story on the radio about how Christmas lights on a vehicle are illegal because they distract and attract too much attention.   The reporter said, “The animal in us notices everything that moves.”

Yesterday, when I was distracted by all the activity in the hall outside the group room (which I could see through the glass door), I invited the group members to do a mindfulness exercise where we noticed what attracted our attention and then stayed with that. What attracted my attention was not the activity outside the room, but rather the little ripples in my water bottle that was standing on the table and reflecting the movements in the room.  Those ripples totally kept my attention throughout the mindfulness exercise.

What attracts my attention these days includes:

  • movement,
  • danger,
  • anger,
  • loud noises,
  • mysteries,
  • stress,
  • trauma,
  • pain,
  • politics,
  • faces,
  • the unexpected,
  • color,
  • light, and
  • the things in these photos:









That giant Santa cookie might have attracted my attention, but I didn’t buy it.  However, I did buy some black and white chocolate drizzled popcorn, which attracted my attention way too much last night.

What attracts our attention in this amazing video by Jacob Collier?

Gratitude always attracts my attention — that’s why I take so many photos of it!

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26 thoughts on “Day 2539: What attracts our attention

  1. This post has me thinking more about how we get wired early in life to be drawn to experiences that affect us particular wAys, for better or for worse. Helps me think thru what some of my clients are dealing with – thank you! xo

  2. The piano attracted my attention. Looks like the stool may be a favourite pussy cat nail bar!

    • My late mother gave a lot of attention to that needle-point piano bench cover. She loved cats, too, so I think she would forgive the claw-sharpening attention her creation has attracted! Thanks for your attention as always, Peter.

  3. puella33

    The birds chirping in the beginning , and the springlike theme attracted my attention with the vibrant colors .

  4. What I notice in that video is that a small number of people working together can do so much, especially when they wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.

  5. Little things get my attention like birds I can hear outside and the traffic of course

  6. such a happy video, thanks for always giving attention to your wonderful blog

  7. What attracted my attention? Your words and feelings.
    Also, I can’t help but wonder what kind of wood the floor under the piano (and cat) is made of.
    That Santa sure looks sweet!

  8. Snowed here last night. A nice, gentle snow, I think, but the “Here comes the sun” video distracted me long enough to watch it and decide fellow Facebookers in my area needed a little sunshine. But I returned here. Well, Andy, my Persian kitty stopped by for a moment to divert my attention, but I am back, again! Really! But now it’s time to return to the WordPress reader again to see who’s posted new material today. Bye!

  9. Here I am, trying to comment on your post and being distracted by birds at the feeders outside.

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  11. I’ve found things very noisy at work lately, Ann, upstairs in the office portion of the library where I hope for some quiet while I concentrate at my computer.

  12. I am trying to keep focused on friends and family this season and tune out the political bickering. My focus is enjoying the season at least until January!

  13. London Live 24

    Great post

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