Day 2535: What makes the ordinary extraordinary?

My extraordinary readers probably know that I focus a lot on the ordinary in this blog, no matter what time it is.

My hope, every day, is that you will see the extraordinary in the ordinary, as I do.

Yesterday, I noticed this ordinary and extraordinary sign at work:


Do you see the ordinary and the extraordinary in today’s extra photos?









Those are not ordinary cod cakes, thanks to my extraordinary fiancé, who always adds a little extra.

If we don’t make extraordinary efforts, the ordinary cod might be more difficult to find, very soon.

Today, ordinary UPS will be delivering a ticket for me to see the extraordinary Jacob Collier at Boston’s House of Blues in May, 2020.

2020 looks to be an extraordinary year.

Here‘s an extraordinary tune that was playing in my ordinary ears yesterday:

Don’t you know how extraordinary it is that we’re all alive together, here and now?

I look forward to ordinary and extraordinary comments, below, and I hope you know how extraordinarily grateful I am to YOU.





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18 thoughts on “Day 2535: What makes the ordinary extraordinary?

  1. I appreciate your extraordinary cat-and-mouse photos even when they’re not literal cat-and-mouse photos, Ann.

  2. The little extra makes all the difference. And you’re one extraordinary woman, my dear friend.☆(◒‿◒)☆

  3. puella33

    The second picture from the top is extra -ordinary for me. Have a nice day, Extraordinary, Ann! 🙂

  4. Sometimes just a little bit extra can make the ordinary extraordinary, but I find that sometimes just looking closely at the ordinary reveals just how extraordinary it is.

  5. I find it extraordinarily magical that you can send your pictures and thoughts all around the world.

  6. I am an ordinary person, just saying

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  9. I am really in synch with you on noticing the extraordinary in the ordinary, Ann. I am so grateful each day for what I can call an ordinary day. I find them comforting. And I think in being appreciative of the “ordinary” I do often take note of what I think of as very special. Extraordinary! Thank you.

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