Day 2530: What could happen

A few hours after I published Day 2529: What could possibly go wrong?  yesterday, I noticed that somebody had written “What could happen”  on the group room whiteboard:



What could and did happen is that somebody could use a marker that is hard to erase:

IMG_9932.JPGWhat could happen is that I turned my cleaning that whiteboard into a mindfulness exercise for me and the group members.

What could happen after that is that the group could talk about values (among other things).




What could happen next (and a lot happened) is documented in the rest of my photos from yesterday.












What could happen is that one of those photos could get many likes on Facebook and another one could get even more likes, even though neither of them have any caption.

What could happen is you could guess what those two photos are,  I could share some music ,

and I could give thanks for everything, including YOU!



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27 thoughts on “Day 2530: What could happen

  1. “I know why I waited
    Know why I’ve been blue
    I’ve been waiting each day
    For someone exactly like you..”

  2. “What could happen?” I think that what could happen when asking ourselves this question is that we could use our language to move to a mood of curiosity or wonder. This, I think, has the potential to really change how we see a situation. A similar question I used to ask myself when I was experiencing moments of self-doubt was “I wonder what I might achieve?”

  3. A lot!

  4. I think a lot of us are looking forward to what’s going to happen on the 27th of December.

  5. puella33

    Oh, Ann that marriage certificate caught my eye! I’m so happy for you? Could the reception be at the Copley Plaza? I love those lion statues- so noble looking. It could happen that 2019 will finish on a happy note 🙂

    • I saw Mayor Pete Buttigieg at the Copley Plaza but didn’t make that clear in this post. So much was happening! Thanks for this lovely comment.

      • puella33

        It’s alright, the photo was self- explanatory- I just thought you might be having your reception there as well. No worries 🙂

  6. puella33

    I meant to type exclamation mark instead of question mark. Excuse me.

  7. December 27!!!! I am so excited!!!!! We sometimes hear of blushing brides, but I am thrilled about a certain blogging bride.

  8. Goodness, December 27th! Yay! And you and Mayor Pete! Lot’s of exciting stuff going on, including getting that stuff off that white board…

  9. Not that you’re marrying Mayor Pete! What a confusing group of sentence fragments I put together. Looking forward to your nuptials! To Michael.

  10. Congratulations! May you have years of health, happiness, love!

  11. One of the folks in an important photo here already is a president and the other could be, Ann. Now that’s a moment for you to cherish!

  12. London Live 24

    Great post

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