Day 2521: How to be more self-confident

Yesterday, people in a therapy session started a list of how to be more self-confident.


I’m self-confident enough to

  • ask if you know other ways to be more self-confident and
  • share my other photos from yesterday.














One of those turkeys looks more self-confident than the other. Do you see more self-confidence in any of those other photos?

I am confident that YouTube will have a video about “How to be more self-confident.”

Since #5 is “Play Music,” here’s me playing two original songs at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe three months ago:

That helps improve my self-confidence about applying to do more shows at the 2020 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Are you self-confident to leave a comment? If not, how might you be more self-confident about that?

Gratitude helps me be more self-confident, so thanks to all who help me be self-confident enough to share this daily blog, including YOU!



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23 thoughts on “Day 2521: How to be more self-confident

  1. I try to remember that we’re all spinning on this big planet together, Ann.

  2. I have a couple of strategies that I use. My favourite mood for becoming self-confident is a mood of curiosity. To shift to curiosity, I tend to say to myself “I wonder what I/we can achieve?” rather than telling myself that “I can’t do it”. Also, I have previously experimented with understanding what a confident body feels like to me and how I can shift to that body in the moment. Something that works for me is to lift my shoulders and put them back, opening up my torso and slowing down my breathing. I have done this in meetings or presentations where my confidence starts to disappear and have found it very useful. (PS I love your posts!)

  3. I am intrigued by the two photos of the chair with the arm desk, which appears to be in your house. Is there a story about this piece of furniture?

    Your cats appear to be on mouse duty, still working on their self-confidence.

    What makes me self-confident is to prepare as well as I can, when preparation is possible. That way I can laugh when I mess up, knowing that some days it just goes that way.

    I am on a train to Seattle without earbuds and so I will pop back in here to watch your videos once I have reached my destination. Hope you have a confident day

    • Thank you for another intriguing comment, my friend. The story about that arm desk is this: the person who is the secretary for my group therapy professional organization board told me after the last board meeting that he was physically uncomfortable and needed something like a TV table for his laptop. I decided to get that chair for his future note-taking duties. Discomfort — mine and others’ — can interfere with my self-confidence.

  4. I want to be more self-confident but I always end up asking myself, do I deserve it?

  5. puella33

    I think self-confidence has a lot to do with inner strength, and how we can nourish it. Otptimicism helps a lot, I think. Have a nice day. Ann

  6. I remember that we all depend on each other, even those who think they can manage on their own.

  7. Self confidence and me have a distant relationship sometimes we meet nod at each other and move on, just saying

  8. Well, it’s good to know that everyone is someone else’s ***hole. That puts things in perspective for me and makes me grateful that I was able to control myself in a very trying meeting today. I also really like the trigger song.

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  10. Ann, I really love this recording of you singing your trigger song at the Edinburgh Fringe festival!!! I love love love love love it

    • That helps me have the self-confidence to apply for another Edinburgh Fringe show next August, Maureen!
      Love love love love love,

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