Day 2512: Fortunate

Last night, before we were fortunate enough to see “Parasite” — an incredible movie about the fortunes of families from very different classes  — Michael and I got bubble-gum fortunes at a restaurant nearby.


While I wasn’t fortunate enough to get a comic and fortune that was cut properly, Michael was.


If I had been fortunate enough to get that fortune about being anxious to achieve something very important and succeeding, I would have greatly appreciated that view of such a fortunate future.

Earlier that morning, I was fortunate enough to capture the images of birds flying around and around our home, casting shadows on the blinds.

Are birds flying around and around  your home considered fortunate?  I was fortunate enough to find this online article about bird superstitions and myths.

Later in the day, I was fortunate enough to attend a beautiful memorial ceremony for my beloved colleague Deb Carmichael.



I believe all of us at the memorial service felt fortunate to have the opportunity to write down on those index cards our thoughts about our good fortune in knowing Deb, so we could share those with Deb’s family.

I felt fortunate when one of the speakers at the memorial service quoted something I often say:

The pain of the loss is directly proportional to the importance of the connection.

We were all fortunate to hear a song that Deb had personally chosen to be sung at her memorial service by a member of our shared professional organization and home: The Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy.  While you won’t be fortunate enough to hear that rendition today, here is the song:


I feel fortunate that I can share my other photos from yesterday with you, here and now:









Please be grateful for every fortunate moment we get to share together.


Your fortunate blogger

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16 thoughts on “Day 2512: Fortunate

  1. It sounds as though all those who knew and loved Deb Carmichael were very fortunate indeed.

  2. I feel fortunate to come here every day, and also fortunate when I see birds, any birds. I’ve been very fortunate to hear great horned owls just outside the window, and fortunate to hear crows in the morning. And once I saw a group of black vultures in a yard. Some people don’t like them but I know they’re smart birds that do a valuable job, and we’re fortunate to have them around.

  3. puella33

    No matter who it is, it’s never fortunate to confront a memorial service. On a more pleasant note, I think the birds are very fortunate to make a cozy nest near you. How fortunate are they to have the freedom to fly gracefully wherever they choose to be..

  4. I am fortunate in many ways but not so much in other ways but then who isn’t

  5. I listened to the song that Deb picked, and feel fortunate to have been able to dance a few times in my life, if only around the dishwasher

  6. *more than a few.

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  8. Another reminder of the loss of your colleague, Deb Carmichael, stands to remind us of the fragility of life. I always thank you for the reminder to live life fully, dear Ann.

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