Day 2498: Small talk


Yesterday’s blog post, amidst various types of talk, included this:


While I wouldn’t go so far as to fake my own death, I definitely avoid small talk whenever I can. Personally, I prefer talk about medium and big topics.

Today, I don’t have time for too much talk of any size on this blog, because I need to rush off to the second of two retreats this weekend where I get to talk with and about other group therapists, who loom very big in my mind.

Also, I have big feelings about even small time changes, so I’m doing my best to adjust to gaining an hour while also losing Daylight Savings Time.  No matter how much I talk about this, these time changes don’t seem to change. (Although I believe that U.S. Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has talked about getting rid of these disruptive time changes.)

Here‘s a “Small Talk” song from YouTube:


I look forward to small, medium, or big comments about this post.

Big thanks to all who helped me create today’s small post, including YOU!




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27 thoughts on “Day 2498: Small talk

  1. I may be the worst small talker on the planet.

  2. I can’t do small talk.

  3. Small talk just makes me impatient. It’s okay with a passing stranger, but otherwise, it’s very difficult and boring.

  4. I find it difficult now to stop myself yawning if trapped by small talk!
    We did the clock change thing last week. I’m almost back to normal again!

  5. That comment about small talk was my favourite from yesterday.

    The British Columbia government seems ready to stop the constant changing of clocks. However, I think they are going to make it permanently darker in the morning, rather than permanently lighter. I prefer light in the morning.

    We set our clocks back last night, probably for the last time.

  6. Sometimes small talk is all a friend can do. Better than no communication at all. I’m grateful for my friend’s time… and try to be patient with the whimsy.

  7. puella33

    Hi, Ann, I’m the opposite of you- I’ll start a conversation with anyone over small talk. I don’t know why, maybe it’s to get distracted from anxiety. I just like to go bla bla bla.:) Some individuals are responsive and others not. The irony is that when i do have to open up, I have nothing to say- it’s like a draw a blank. Enjoy your retreat

  8. I have a very introverted friend who would probably agree with you on the small talk bit:). I’m a master of it but get bored quickly if we can’t move on to something more meaningful. Here’s to meaningful convos this week for both of us.

  9. While I prefer big and medium topics I find that small talk can sometimes be a good way to work upwards, especially when talking to strangers. Also I sometimes get uncomfortable with big topics when they touch on emotional issues. Friends know that I’m getting uncomfortable when I start speaking in song lyrics because, well, ashes to ashes, funk to funky, we all know Major Tom’s a junkie.

  10. I liked the small talk song, just saying
    I do not like small talk because I suck at it but of course I still engage in it because not to would be rude
    I am not rude, well I hope I am not

  11. I am absolutely bored to tears with small talk, yet I suspect there’s an art to it that I just haven’t mastered. I don’t do it very well, and at some level I think I may admire those that do! 🙂 I hope your retreat were spectacular, Ann.

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  13. Which time period would you choose if we only had one, Ann?

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