Day 2495: Have a little faith

Yesterday, I appreciated seeing a sign that said “Have a little faith”.


The peace sign, whenever I see it,  also inspires me to have a little faith.

Last night, I had a little faith that the Washington Nationals (who appeared in this recent post about self care) would win the World Series, and they did!

Do my other photos from yesterday have a little faith?









IMG_9210.JPGI have a little faith that when I randomly and intuitively take photos every day, they will somehow fit together in my next blog post.

Have a little faith that Michael’s cooking tastes even better than it looks. When I first met Michael, exactly nine years ago today, I had a little faith that we were meant for each other.

Speaking of anniversaries, yesterday was an anniversary of the big success of “Faith” by George Michael.

I have a little faith that you will leave a comment, below.

Have a little faith that I’ll end this post with gratitude for all, including YOU!



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18 thoughts on “Day 2495: Have a little faith

  1. Your faith is contagious, Ann.

  2. I am waiting to go in for surgery this morning and pondering the idea of having a little more faith. Thanks for keeping my mind busy, Ann.

  3. Your faith was misplaced………………………DAMN!

  4. I have a little faith, that you will continue to post for many years, Ann 🙂

  5. Some days I need more than just a little faith, but since today is Halloween when anything is possible I have no trouble believing.

  6. puella33

    I have a little faith in your blogs, Ann. I like the post, ” where there’s a will…” It’s so true

  7. Your faith is warranted, Ann! Always enjoy your posts.

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  9. I could say many things about your photos, Ann. Each really does inspire me to think very positively which often translates to having a little faith. But I would honestly say that you are a voice that each and every day inspires me to have a little faith that we are all in this “soup” together, and your encouragement goes a long, long way! I so appreciate you!

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