Day 2494: Hopeful

Last night, at Boston’s beautiful Colonial Theater, Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg observed that a synonym used for “candidate” is “hopeful.” Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg then observed how appropriate that was, because a political candidate should have and inspire hope for the future.

I was very hopeful, last night, after listening to Presidential hopeful Buttigieg speak and answer questions from the audience, including a question about what his dogs were wearing for Halloween.  I am hopeful  I am correct when I report that one of Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg’s dogs is dressing up as an avocado for Halloween.

I am hopeful this clears up any doubts about my memory:

buttigieg avocado

I found that hopeful photo online, after searching for “Buttigieg Halloween avocado.” Presidential hopeful Buttigieg’s dogs — Truman and Buddy Buttigieg — have a twitter account, and hopeful comments in response to that photo included:

24 days ago
Buddy’s Halloween costume!

This is the uplifting content we need today. 🙂

24 days ago
Is Truman’s costume toast?


Here are my hopeful photos from yesterday:




















Here is “Hopeful” by Bars and Melody:

I am hopeful you will leave a comment, below, and I am hopeful you will accept my thanks to all who help me create these hopeful posts, including YOU.



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21 thoughts on “Day 2494: Hopeful

  1. Thank you for sharing the hopeful scene, Ann.

  2. Hopefulness is what we all need now.

  3. The very fact that Pete Buttigieg is running as a major candidate, and that he can be open about who he is and married to someone he loves, gives me hope. And dogs may not be cheaper than therapy but they do provide excellent therapy any time it’s needed.

  4. I would really enjoy reading the papers again if the Presidential hopeful with the avocado dog became president. Thanks for giving me hope.

    And, hats off to Vivian, who gave hope a boost.

  5. I view hope with all those beautiful and loving souls in your post today, Ann 😀

  6. I am hopeful that I’ll get to meet an avocado dog some day!

  7. Hopeful , something I wish I was more

  8. puella33

    It is a breath of fresh air to see something hopeful that will change our lives for the better

  9. i enjoyed your photos from the Mayor Pete gathering. I could feel the hopefulness! And how can you not be impressed with someone who thinks of costuming their dog as an avocado! LOL! That’s simply brilliant!

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