Day 2491: Looking forward

“Looking forward” is something people often write and say about the future.  Today, I’m looking forward to

While looking forward to events in the future can help one feel hope, it can also trigger worry and fears about that future, like “Is this too much?”  “Will all these activities next week interfere in my self care?” “Will the absence of the late Walter Becker get in the way of my really enjoying the Steely Dan concert?” “What’s the weather going to be like?” “Am I ready for November?”  and “Where the hell am I going to park?”

The cure for future-oriented fears is refocusing on the present moment. And in this moment, I have several new photos to share with you.
















To make this my day, my way, I’d like to revisit and clarify one difficult-to-read photo above:


History is a relentless master. It has no present, only the past rushing into the future. To try to hold fast is to be swept aside.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

I’m looking forward to thoughtful and articulate future Presidents of the United States of America.

Finding this on YouTube is helping me look forward, even more, to the Steely Day concert on Friday:

I’m looking forward to knowing what you’re looking forward to. In other words, I’m looking forward to reading any comment you might leave, below.

I wonder if anybody is looking forward to my thanking everybody for all you do for me, every day, here at this blog.





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32 thoughts on “Day 2491: Looking forward

  1. onward.

  2. Thank you for the uplifting post. I’ve only begun practicing mindfulness a few months ago and while it is a real struggle it makes me more aware and appreciative of the present. Hope you enjoy the concert.

  3. Shake Pete’s hand for me! I do believe he is someone who cares about his country and wants to help people have a better life. And I am praying that we can have a leader who is all that and more as a steady diet again.

  4. You have some great things coming up, Ann. I think Donald Fagan will have the proper elements in place to keep The Dan going strong after Walter Becker’s passing. Your shining comment of the day is the one about parking, in my heart.

  5. laughter yoga sounds like a blast!

  6. I am looking forward to hearing how much you have enjoyed all of these great activities you have planned. Take time out for a lovely cream cake or chocolate!

  7. Nice to see a list of anxious thoughts just like mine!! Half of the problem is thinking it’s only my problem, but I’m looking forward to going outside now it’s stopped pouring rain and the sun is trying to come out!

  8. I’m looking forward to hearing about you seeing Pete Buttigieg, who is such an amazing person, and the Steely Dan concert, and I find generally that even during difficult times what makes a difference is finding something to look forward to.

  9. puella33

    I\m looking forward to a sane and decent president, who cares for human rights

  10. You should look forward to all the upcoming events you’re about to experience. I’m looking forward to hearing about them.

  11. Your life seems very full, Ann. Enjoy! I look forward to reading about some of these events afterwards.

  12. You have lifted me higher and higher which isn’t good I am terrified of open heights so please let me down

  13. Enjoy your coming week without procrastination, Ann 🙂

  14. Mayor Pete and Steely Dan, both in one week? Take me with you! I’m looking forward to it!

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