Day 2487: Self-Care Bingo

Yesterday, somebody who attends my Coping and Healing groups sent me the gift of Self-Care Bingo.


Because my Coping and Healing groups  focus on self-care, we played Self-Care Bingo in yesterday’s group.  I called “Bingo!” for the up-and-down middle row, because that day I had

  • talked to a friend,
  • listened to my body,
  • stayed alive,
  • took a break, and
  • drank water.

Everybody in the group was able to call “Bingo” for an up-and-down, left-to-right, or diagonal row.

I asked the group if they could think about other squares to add to their own personal game of Self-Care Bingo.  I might add another row of

  • listened to music,
  • hung out with a nice animal,
  • communed with nature,
  • blogged, and
  • took pictures.














I just searched YouTube for “Bingo Supremes” and found this:

How would you play Self-Care Bingo?

Here’s something else I’d add to my personal Self-Care Bingo card:

Expressed gratitude.



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26 thoughts on “Day 2487: Self-Care Bingo

  1. I love it!

  2. Bingoooooo, thanks for sharing Ann, have a nice day!!!

  3. Ate a meal in a new place at the request of a loved one, gave to a worthy cause, helped somebody at work with a non-usual task, petted a friend’s new puppy and got a kiss back as a reward (from the puppy), watched the first World Series game on TV. It was a good Tuesday, Ann!

  4. I got a self-care bingo so easily I wonder if I’m doing something wrong, which is the sort of negative thinking that sometimes hits me, but I’m breathing in, feeling the feeling, and trusting that it will leave and that I will survive.

  5. Bingo Ann 🙂
    I really like this self-care bingo, great idea.

  6. Debbie T

    Yikes, I score no bingo today! Sounds like I could work on that. I also like the “Feel Your Feelings” poster.

  7. the last up and down row got me bingo. yay. i’ve also taken a hot bath, talked to mental health worker, lit incense, pet my cat, took meds, and am about to eat. what i really aught to do is get outside for a walk. i’m thinking i will at least take out the trash and get the mail and some fresh air after dinner.

  8. puella33

    I listened to a relaxation tape, I exercised, and started a new hobby. Sounds like a fun Bingo, Ann

  9. I love the idea of self-care Bingo, Ann. I made a decision yesterday that fits at least one square. I turned down a dinner invitation with a good friend simply because I wanted to be home and not go out. I needed to refuel at home! Then, I changed my mind, and without telling anyone went to a local bookstore (on my own and without a friend) to hear Judith Orloff share about her new book, “Thriving as an Empath.” It was exactly what I needed. Now, was that one Bingo square, or two?

  10. I love the self care Bingo. Or maybe instead of Bingo, it could just be a daily checklist. I might just make one with lots of fun things on it

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  12. Self-care bingo is a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing. Congrats on winning! it can be hard sometimes to cross of one square let alone multiples. Good for you!

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  14. Love it!

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