Day 2484: Girding and preparing for the day ahead

A few weeks ago, after girding and preparing myself for the day ahead,  I gave a speech at my 45th college reunion where I mentioned this daily  blog, as follows:

Also, seven years ago I expanded my network of friends by starting a daily blog. Every morning, including today, I’ve written about my heart, my son, my passion for the healing power of groups, my song-writing, my cats, my hopes, my fears, this speech — whatever helps gird me and prepare me for the day ahead.

Girding and preparing for the day ahead includes

  • getting in touch with my priorities,
  • observing what is,
  • relentlessly celebrating the small things,
  • awareness of loved ones who have passed,
  • connecting with humans and other creatures, and
  • sharing my photos from the day before.































Here’s the obituary of Debora Carmichael, past President of the Northeastern Society of Group Psychotherapy, who was such an inspiration and support to me and so many others.

I am girding and preparing myself for a day without the earthly presence of Deb,  friends, family members, and other shining lights who have passed.

Girding and preparing myself includes listening to music I love. Yesterday, when I was walking amongst the creatures and environs around me, I was reminded of a musician I loved when I was young — Jacques Loussier, who played jazz versions of Bach pieces, like this one:

As always, girding and preparing includes sharing my gratitude to all, including YOU.


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18 thoughts on “Day 2484: Girding and preparing for the day ahead

  1. Your “6 Girding Points” are spot on. Thank you for your consistency. As I close in on my 10th blogging anniversary, I find myself occasionally missing a day now and then. (The good news is that no one seems to notice 🤔).

  2. Many years ago I met a rabbi who told me, “If we don’t remember where we’ve come from we can’t know where we’re going.” That’s always stayed with me. Connecting with what you did the day before helps you jump, dive, or swim right into the day ahead.

    • Connecting with your blog, Chris, also helps me jump, dive, or swim right into the day ahead (and it helps me forget that I can’t swim).

  3. puella33

    It\s amazing how resorting to nature , pacifies and energizes our spirit. You welcoming us into your life with your kindness revitalizes our perspectives. I hope we , in our own way, do the same for you.

  4. Many good photos Ann and your beauties win 😀

  5. I clicked on the link to Deborah’s obituary but it took me to the homepage for the psychotherapy association, probably because I don’t have a login. I wasn’t able to read Deborah’s obituary but I know she was a wonderful person and will be greatly missed. I am so sorry for your loss. It has been a hard year for you that way.

    I enjoyed your photos of the water, and the houses by the marshy place, and of course I loved the photos of Oscar and Harley being together yet apart in their typical Oscar-and-Harley way. I always love the photos of cats that you see at shelters and every single time I hope to read that you have brought one home. ❤️

    • Because of your helpful and empathic comment, Maureen, I expanded the words that would link to Deb’s obituary, so you can try that again, if you choose. And, as always, it takes one wonderful person to know another one. Thanks, my good friend, for helping me gird and prepare myself for yet another day that includes (for now) two excellent cats.

  6. So sorry for your loss Ann. Deborah seems to have been a remarkable lady.
    I love your music choice and spent far too long listening to it when I should have been doing something else. Still, I can gird my loins later. Life’s too short to deprive myself of a little me time.

    • Life’s too short for me not to tell you how much I appreciate our connection here, Peter. As always, your comments are music to my ears.

  7. Ok I read gliding nor girding kinda changed the way it went…………………lol

  8. I love nature and its cute animals

  9. I’m very sorry to see how young Debora was at the time of her death. What a loss to her family, friends and the greater community. “Girding and preparing” is a phrase we don’t hear often, and it’s such a good one! I would think the beautiful blue visions in your photos would offer you solace, and nature is always a good way to “gird and prepare.”

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