Day 2479: What I’m letting in

I’ve been letting in my readers on my process of writing a new original song with the title What’s Keeping Me Up Is What’s Going Down.”

I’m letting in additions to that song, like this:

What’s freaking me out is what I’m letting in.
I see no good reason to be wearing a grin.
Noises begin and reach a painful din.
What’s freaking me out is what I’m letting in.

© Ann Koplow, 2019

What I’m letting in, here and now, includes all these images from yesterday:

I’m letting in

  • the good news that my INR is a perfect 3.0,
  • the unusual structures of some hearts,
  • more love,
  • the challenges of being an adult,
  • hope,
  • pickleball paddles,
  • global warming,
  • my poor penmanship,
  • animals,
  • dirt cake, and
  • the reality that Michael mistakenly set the alarm for 8 PM, so I need to run to get to work on time.

I’m letting in “I’m Letting in the Sunshine” by Piney Gir:

What are you letting in?  I hope you have room to let in my gratitude to you and to  all who help me create these posts.



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25 thoughts on “Day 2479: What I’m letting in

  1. What a warm ray of sunshine post

  2. Thank you for coming into my heart this morning, Ann.

  3. I love writing songs, too and love this one so far….

  4. The INR normality is good news

  5. INR 3.0
    What a clever clot you are!

  6. Thanks for letting all of us in to your quirky, enchanting, magical world! ❤

  7. This weekend I went to the Southern Festival Of Books and, among other things, listened to a concert by a local group called The Ukedelics. I shared a little of your story with them and they were happy to hear about another ukulele player. They also invited me to join them and said if I wanted to try I could check out a ukulele from the library.
    What you let in you also share with the rest of us.

  8. puella33

    I’m letting in your ray of sunshine .. Have a nice day, Ann

  9. Thanks for sharing you shiny day, Ann 😀

  10. What you let in is up to you, here it is another very warm day and also a sad day it is my Dad’s birthday he would have been 77

  11. What a nice ray of sunshine your blog is! And I do love Piney Gir. I need to check out her new album.

  12. I do applaud your additional lyrics, Ann. I think they resonate with many of us, frankly! And to that, I’d really like a t-shirt that says “I just can’t be an adult today.” It’s where I’m at!

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