Day 2478: What’s the title of this post?

As I look through my photos from yesterday, I find many possible titles for today’s post.

Is the title “More Reasons to Smile”?


Is the title “Just Ducky”?


Is the title “The Art of Civilization”?


Is the title “Natural Healing”?


Is the title something else you would choose after looking at all my other photos from yesterday?

Is the title of this post “… love it!” or is it “Click on Any Image to Enlarge It”?

What’s the title of this YouTube video?

Last night, Alice  — whom I would title my co-worker and friend — and I saw a show titled So You Think You Can Dance Live with the 10 finalists of Season 16 including the incredible b-boy dancer  Bailey Muñoz, who won the title of “America’s Favorite Dancer.”

The title of any of my daily posts could be “Gratitude,” so thanks to all who help me create these daily posts, including YOU.


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27 thoughts on “Day 2478: What’s the title of this post?

  1. puella33

    Of course this is open to suggestions- as there are no right and wrong. I like the title, Freedom. because we are free to express our idea of inner harmony through posts.

  2. What’s in a name, anyway? Even without a title this post is as entertaining and thoughtful as always. It is just ducky: simple and smiling above water and paddling like crazy underneath.

  3. The title should be “You Lucky Buddha.”

  4. To me, your beauties – all of them, are winning again, Ann 😀

  5. Can’t beat Just Ducky!

  6. Debbie T

    Other titles could be “Reflections” or “Reflections and Shadows”.

  7. Just Ducky sounds about right

  8. Maureen

    YIkes! What happened to the reply I left here this morning? Hmm. Well — I do wonder if that orange cat is now part of your family?

  9. It doesn’t matter what you title your posts, they’re always alive with creativity! Maybe there’s a title in that. 🙂

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  11. You can’t duck a good post, Ann.

  12. “Menagerie” – Yes, free to include whatever strikes your fancy! Cinnamon Roll Kitty? I’ve heard everything!

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