Day 2476: What’s your least favorite word?

One of the photos I took yesterday contains people’s least favorite word, according to several studies.








What is your least favorite word in those photos?  And, just to balance the negative with the positive, what is your favourite word?

Here‘s a favorite comedy routine that a friend recently recommended and which came up when I searched YouTube for “least favorite words.”


One of my favorite words is “thanks,” so thanks to all who help me create these daily posts, including YOU.




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15 thoughts on “Day 2476: What’s your least favorite word?

  1. It depends upon the rest of the words around them, I guess, Ann.

  2. puella33

    My least favorite word is ” worry” * which leads to stress * , and negativities’ to maintain the equilibrium, the favorite word for me is “sharing” since that’s what i like to do with those who are dear to me.

  3. I once knew someone whose surname was Moist – that can’t have been easy to live with!
    I hate the word ‘mucus’ and I love the word ‘light’.

  4. I love words and all the things we can express with them and it makes me sad that some whole languages and all the words that make them go extinct, so my least favorite word is “lost”.
    So my favorite word must be all the words we use.

  5. Ismo is now one of my favourite words, but not favorite, because that is one of my least favourite words!

  6. My least favourite word is “spew” really hate it…………
    I like the word “kindness” we need more kindness in the world

  7. The extraneous ‘of’ as in ‘off of’, ‘all of’. I once used ‘rancid’ to describe something unpleasant. It became a firm favourite with the children, and occasionally gets an outing decades later.

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