Day 2471: What’s Keeping Me Up Is What’s Going Down

At around 3:00 AM last night, I was woken up by a crash, like something big had fallen down.

When investigating what had gone down, my fiancé Michael informed me that the beautiful watercolor by Paul Nagano that was hanging up on the wall had gone down. I asked what was uppermost in my mind: “Did it break?”  He said, “No, but these things suck” (referring to the strips that had been keeping that picture up for over a year). 

Now, these thoughts that are going down in my head are keeping me up:

  • How are we going to get that fallen painting back up, now that our faith in those picture hanging strips has gone down?
  • How are we going hang up another wonderful watercolor by Paul Nagano and the amazing photograph my ex-husband recently took of our son Aaron with his large-format camera?
  • Are we the only people who don’t like putting holes in our walls to hang things up?
  • What’s going down in the United States of America?
  • Who’s going to help our fallen principles get back up?
  • Why do all these things get me down and keep me up?
  • Should I write down some lyrics for a country song titled “What’s Keeping Me Up Is What’s Going Down”?

What’s Keep Me Up is What’s Going Down

by Ann Koplow

What’s keeping me up is what’s going down.

I’m sleepless and helpless and wearing a frown.

Problems unsolvable seem to abound.

What’s keeping me up is what’s going down.

© Ann Koplow, 2019

I’ve now written down lyrics for five songs that are still up in the air — I haven’t completed any of them.  That’s neither keeping me up nor getting me down; I have faith in my own process (even if I’ve lost faith in the process of the people in charge of our country).

Here’s what’s going down in my latest photos:

















If you’re feeling down about what’s going down around you,  maybe one of these Pumpkin Spice songs put up here, here, here, and here on YouTube will cheer you up.

I’m up for whatever comments will be going down, below.

Gratitude helps keep me up no matter what’s going down, so thanks to all who help me create these daily posts, including YOU.



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28 thoughts on “Day 2471: What’s Keeping Me Up Is What’s Going Down

  1. Congratulations Ann and Michael❣️I’m happy for you 💕

  2. Congratulations from me, too. I work on the principle that it is easier to plaster over a hole in the wall than to repair a picture

  3. Your thoughts and photos keep my spirits up, Ann.

  4. I already know your country song won’t suck, and that you’re putting all of your brains into it.

  5. Help! We have been well and truly invaded by Halloween over here. Please, please, please don’t send over the pumpkin spice too!

  6. Your post came at a very good time for me. I just finished painting my bedroom and was wondering about hanging art. In the couple of decades that we’ve lived in this house I have never hung anything on the walls of our bedroom because I was afraid that maybe in a slight earthquake the pictures would fall on us. Nevertheless, we did aquire a few pieces of art overtime but we left them on the floor between the bookcase on the wall. I really have no idea how to attached anything securely to the walls and after reading your post I think I’m going to keep the art stashed beside the bookcase a few years longer.

    I’m glad that the painting wasn’t damaged and that it wasn’t hung over your bed. I really like the photo of Aaron but your photo of Oscar is a contender too.

    Congratulations on your song lyrics! I enjoyed your performance on a recent post, as well.

  7. I dunno… today you are just extra funny…what a great mood to start the week! Thank you! (Sorry for the falling picture)

  8. I recently took an informal poll at the office. Pumpkin Spice: Really Tasty or Really Nasty. One person came out completely in favor, one “meh” and six against.

    Small sample size, but I stand by the results. This week’s question asks what movie start would play you in the movie of your life (and extra points for the title)?

  9. puella33

    Hi, Ann, life is too short- treasure what you enjoy! Rehang the art frame, and keep in mind that it is more valuable than the hole made by the nail. I understand how you feel when a thought keeps you up at night. I’ve been there many times

  10. Good that your paint didn’t break into pieces, Ann. It is possible to hang up pictures without making big holes in the wall, but up to which material, your walls are made of.
    Then visit a building marked and ask for their advice.

  11. Being woken at 3am by a loud noise would unsettle me, good thing it didn’t break

  12. Glad it didn’t break- it is always tricky hanging things on plaster walls. I opt for using mollies.And anchor hooks

  13. I’d put holes in the wall. Better than a crashing picture at night or a broken picture. It’s easy to fill nail holes. Now I know what the picture was in the next day’s blog. I’m going backwards through time here, like Merlin.

  14. So we see that when you’re awakened and can’t sleep you write song lyrics! Now that’s using your “down time” very well, Ann! 🙂

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