Day 2469: What are they thinking?

When I look at the news these days, I’m often thinking, “What are they thinking?”

I don’t know what they are thinking and I don’t know what the audience was thinking, last night, about my latest performance of my original song, “What Are Other People Thinking About You?”  

What are they thinking?  Can you tell?

One person expressed his thinking to me immediately after my performance, “That was a very precocious song.”

I expressed my thinking with this reply: “How can somebody of my age be precocious?”

He didn’t answer that question, so I have no idea what he was thinking about that. Instead, he asked if I was a teacher and said, “That was very brave.”

As I say in my song, “What are other people thinking about you?  Face it, we can never know for sure. So why not think they’re thinking that you’re gorgeous, talented, smart, and secure?”

What are you thinking about that and about this photo from yesterday?


I’m thinking that my little yellow car is okay, because it started up fine all day. I don’t know what it was thinking when it refused to start up the night before.

I don’t know what my laptop and my iPhone are thinking, as they selectively share the photos I’m taking. I’m thinking it takes more work to get all my photos here these days, but it’s worth it.  Here are more photos from yesterday:







I don’t know what that dog is thinking but I’m thinking that I love that sticker.

What are you thinking about this blog post?

I’m thinking that it’s time to express my gratitude to everybody who helps me create this daily blog, including YOU.



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25 thoughts on “Day 2469: What are they thinking?

  1. I think when we wonder what they’re thinking, often they are not thinking…

  2. I’m thinking that that dog has a thing or two he’d like to say to you without the window in between, Ann.

  3. I’m thinking that you are one of the most courageous women I ‘know’ (I don’t know you in 3d only here so I’m thinking putting the single quotation marks around ‘know’ is appropriate).

    I’m also thinking those baseball player shadow photos are awesome!

    And I’m thinking the dog in the back seat is probably thinking… “Park. Park. Are we there yet?”

    • I’m thinking that it takes one courageous woman to “know” another one, Louise. Thanks for this awesome comment!

  4. Maureen

    Very wise (and melodic) words, my wandering minstrel.

  5. You are brave to sing and play for an audience, Ann 😀
    I don’t think, it is important what other people are thinking about us. It is more important, how we choose to treat each other.
    I hope, that the dog was not left alone in that car.

  6. puella33

    I like your song- our mind runs wild when we wonder what people think of us- It’s better to look straight ahead, sort to speak, and not be impeded by our assumptions. I like the foto of the dog- I wonder if he’s enjoying the ride.. Have a nice day , Ann 😉

  7. I can’t tell what anyone else is thinking, although my enjoyment of your songs sticks to me like glue, and I think that if I ever went there I’d love Swampscott too.

  8. I am thinking the dog is thinking “Thank goodness I have the copyright on all photos of me!”

  9. I have sat and looked at people and thought what are they thinking and wondered if they are thinking what I am thinking

    • I’m thinking that sometimes people are thinking what we’re thinking but we’ll never know unless we say what we’re thinking. Thanks for saying what you’re thinking, Joanne.

  10. I’m thinking that dog is saying “Hey! Back off or I’ll bark and snarl. This is my human’s car.”

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  12. I’m definitely thinking that you can fit a lot into one day! You are also very gutsy (I’m not sure about precocious, lol) to present a new show! 🙂

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