Day 2467: Dragons, dogs, and ducks

As I described last week in two blog posts (here and here), I’ve been working on reducing the power of a toxic person in my life by reimagining them as a less powerful entity — transforming them in my imagination from a dragon to a little yappy dog.



Yesterday, I discovered that it also helped to think of this person as an “odd duck” — an image that  I reinforced  by taking pictures of  the various  ducks I encountered during the day.











Using this online definition of “odd duck” ….

odd duck (plural odd ducks)

(idiomatic) An unusual person, especially an individual with an idiosyncratic personality or peculiar behavioral characteristics.
odd fish, strange bird, weirdo; see also Thesaurus:strange person

… do you see any evidence of odd ducks in my other photos from yesterday?











Sting (whose birthday it was yesterday) does not have a song titled “Odd Duck”,  but Björk does.

I’m wondering how many odd comments I’ll get about this “Odd Duck” post.

Duck!  Here comes an odd number of thank you’s to all who helped me create today’s odd-numbered blog post, including YOU!

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26 thoughts on “Day 2467: Dragons, dogs, and ducks

  1. what a great strategy. you can’t change them, but you can change how you see them and how they impact you. proactive instead of reactive.

  2. I like the poolscapes.

  3. In cricket, being dismissed for 0 is termed “Getting out for a duck.”
    The term “duck” originates from the “duck’s egg”. The egg has the shape of 0 and hence a nought is commonly called “duck”. … On July 17, 1866, when the Prince of Wales got out for a blob, a newspaper carried out a piece stating that “the prince had retired to the royal pavilion on a duck’s egg”.
    It generates all sorts of images in my mind!
    “Duck” or “Me duck” is also used as a term of endearment in many parts of the UK, thought to have originated from “duke”.

    I think that all cricketers will have had the odd duck, me duck!

    • This comment is completely ducky, Peter.



      noun BRITISH
      darling; dear (used as a form of address).
      “come and sit down, ducky”

      adjective NORTH AMERICAN
      charming; delightful.
      “everything here is just ducky”

  4. Oh how I love the make way for ducklings sculpture!!

  5. That title 🙂 And yay, especially to the ducks

  6. I’m glad that the dog and duck calm your dragon, Ann!

  7. It must be tough to live in the skin/feathers of this odd duck, with all that judgement and criticism aimed at others and themselves. The harshest critics of us are often even harder on themselves. I like to remember its their issue, not mine. I am the catalyst. They have the problem.
    Hugs to you for finding a way to make this work with humor and a light heart.

  8. Several people have called me an odd duck, which I always take as a compliment. I think I am a bit of a quackpot.

  9. puella33

    I think wee all odd ducks in our own ways, but doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re toxic. I love the pictures of the ducks in the water. Have a nice day, Ann

  10. I know a few “odd ducks” too… and I just have to remember that I “Thank God for Uniqueness” everyday… and those “odd ducks” are each unique. Life would be much less interesting without them I just need to let their sometimes ruffly remarks roll off my duck feathers! I’m sure I am “odd” to some folks, too.

  11. You need to remember not to take anything personal Ann. This isn’t about you, but only about that person, who feel so very terrible with him/herself.

  12. I love the Robert McCloskey ducks! I’m glad to see them. My husband has referred to “odd ducks” for a long time, and that tag often softens otherwise more irritating aspects of “irregular” people in our lives. I have remembered your suggestion to downsize the dragon to a little happy dog and that has already proven useful to me! 🙂

  13. Imdalegreene

    Beautiful collection of images.

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