Day 2465: What are you feeling?

What are you feeling, dear reader?

Are you feeling curious?



Are you feeling shy?


Are you feeling content?


Confused?  Sad?






Conceited?  Forgetful?  Nice?  Sarcastic?


Exclusive?  Appreciated?


Valued?  Colorful?






Rewarding?  Rewarded?  Hungry?


Above it all?





All of the above?  None of the above?  Some of the above?

Are you feeling any feelings not included here?

What are you feeling about your feelings?

What are you feeling about this song?

Are you feeling ready to express your feelings in a comment below?

What am I feeling, here and now?  I’m feeling many different feelings, including gratitude to YOU.



Now I feel like saying, “Bye and see you tomorrow!”

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22 thoughts on “Day 2465: What are you feeling?

  1. Open

  2. I am feeling that it is time to take ahold of October for all it’s worth, Ann.

  3. I’m feeling I ought to say “That’s all folks!”

  4. Open-minded and wish to learn new.

  5. I’m feeling curious, and that seems to be how I feel all the time. I’m curious about what Oscar and Harley are thinking, and who writes The Daily Bitch, and what Gerald Iralien is like and I hope he is Canada’s new celebrity heartthrob even though he seems to be a professional caregiver at Harvard. I think curiosity is where everything starts.

  6. I’m feeling a sense of accomplishment. I just wrestled heavy/awkward things in/out of my condo cage. Grr. Hear me roar!
    Okay. I’ve calmed down. I’m getting excited for the Canadian Thanksgiving and the departure date for this Snowbird south. I’m feeling grateful that you support us every day Ann. Thank you!

  7. I am feeling life is good if you’re not dead

  8. I’m feeling tired tonight, but it’s a satisfied, ready to get a good sleep tired! See you tomorrow! 🙂

  9. I am feeling a little sad today, but that’s okay. I have learnt sometimes you have to go with your feelings. The sun is out at least 🙂 (I’m so glad I found your blog and have found it really inspirational, I met you at the Edinburgh fringe festival and we sat together on the front row at Bedlam show!)

  10. I’m feeling my keyboard

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