Day 2463: Every day is a miracle

“Every Day is a Miracle” is a song from the miraculous David Byrne‘s American Utopia. 

It was a miracle that Michael and I got

  • tickets for the last pre-Broadway performance of American Utopia,
  • a reasonable parking space in Boston,
  • sushi at our favorite sushi restaurant,
  • time at a Halloween pop-up store near the theater, and
  • the chance to witness and enjoy an incredible show with amazing musicians in a miraculous theater.

Every day that I took each of these previously unshared photos was a miracle.

Every one of those photos is a miracle.

Every moment of American Utopia was a miracle, including “Every Day is a Miracle.”  Here‘s a miraculously clear recording of a 2018 performance of that song in Houston.

Every comment you leave is a miracle, for me.

Thanks to all who make my every day a miracle, including YOU.


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29 thoughts on “Day 2463: Every day is a miracle

  1. True Ann, have a nice Sunday!!!

  2. The Colonial Theater really is miraculous, and I’m sure “American Utopia” was too. Every day really is a miracle and filled with little miracles too.

  3. Miracles are everywhere!

    And hmmmm…. Happy Birthday and will you marry me — no miracle to that. Just love. ❤

  4. I went to see American utopia on Friday night and loved every moment of the performance! it was so sweet and kind and exuberant – in so many ways, it worked ! I am in love all over again with Mr. Byrne’s work and with the ensemble.His messages were right on the mark. SO GLAD you and Michael got to see it too!

  5. Every moment, too –

  6. Thank you for caring the links as I did not know what American Utopia was. The Boston Globe article was helpful. Shana Tova, l’shana utopia

  7. puella33

    Thank you, Ann, Your blog is a miracle

  8. Good for both of you to go out and enjoy the theater, Ann.
    I do still remember, years ago, that we had a talk about boyfriends. Many didn’t understand that not only young women have boyfriends. This will change for you now. Did you get an answer?

  9. Have fun
    Somedays it is……………..something, something,something

  10. I hope everything is okay.

  11. sounds like a fun day!

  12. I think every day we may need to remind ourselves and each other that EVERY DAY is indeed a miracle! How easy it seems to be to get mired in trivial grievances and lose that wonder! Thank you Ann!

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