Day 2455: What helps?

What helps you?

What helps me is blogging every morning.  What helps me is sharing my experience.

Today, I’ll be sharing my experience at my college reunion in a five-minute speech about living with my very unusual heart. It’ll help if I can record it, so I’ll do my best. If I can’t record it, I’ll help you experience the speech by sharing the full text here, tomorrow.

Yesterday, it helped for me to facilitate a Coping and Healing group at work and then to spend the day at my reunion with my long-time friend Lawry.










It helps to have friends. Here’s part of today’s speech:

So as I tell my story to you today, I wonder, perhaps along with you, what has allowed me to survive, so intact, through all this? What has helped me pick up the pieces, over and over again? As when I was a child — the love of my family and friends sustain me. Also, seven years ago I expanded my network of friends by starting a daily blog. Every morning, including today, I’ve written about my heart, my son, my passion for the healing power of groups, my song-writing, my cats, my hopes, my fears, this speech — whatever helps gird me and prepare me for the day ahead. The day after my heart valve surgery was the only day I needed a substitute blogger — my boyfriend Michael let my thousands of followers know I had survived the complicated procedure. Their comments included “Fantastic news! I’m in public but I’m dancing all the same,” and “’She’s going to be alright guys’ is the best line ever!”

In other words, I get by with a little help from my friends, including YOU!



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20 thoughts on “Day 2455: What helps?

  1. and I find the same elixir in act of writing and posting a morning blog and then interacting online with people from around the globe. it has been wonderful. best of luck with your speech and all you do

  2. loving , strong and true – thinking of you today and sending love – your words carry your story of resilience and its fundamental building blocks.
    love you

  3. Great dress, Ann!
    It helps me to remember what I see in my daily blog readings and relate it to my daily life.

  4. It helps to make me smile seeing the smiling faced youth behind you in the picture outside the gates!

  5. puella33

    Nice pictures, Ann. It helps me to read your blogs- they help me get a positive perspective on certain aspects of life.

  6. I am really excited for you, Ann!!!!

  7. Your blog gives me a daily dose of thoughts to think about, dear Ann 🙂

  8. Knowing you’re part of the cosmic consciousness helps me. Your wit, intelligence, and strength really are an inspiration. And if we ever meet I promise I won’t sing out of key.

  9. What a buoyant account of your day, Ann. It lifted me up. 🙂 Friends come from all sectors, don’t they? I know your speech was well-received and encouraged many!

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