Day 2452: Being here, being there

“Being here, being there” is something I wrote on the white-board wall while human beings were being here and there during a Coping and Healing group yesterday.


Being human beings, their thoughts went here and there to regrets, the past, the present, the future, work, other people’s reactions, progress, tears, fears, emotions, death, showing up, reservations, reasons, sleeping, bravery, speaking, not speaking, triggers, early, late, and choices, among other here-and-there meanderings.

Being that triggers were affecting all the human beings in the room, “triggers” ended up being the topic of choice, including what helps dealing with them:



Being there, I couldn’t help but notice that “YouTube” made it to the list of what helped those human beings deal with triggers (along with breathing, acceptance, self care, sleep, safe spaces, kindness, music, and other helpful choices).

Being here, I’ll search  for “being here, being there” on YouTube.

Here‘s “I Love Being Here With You” by singer/songwriter Peggy Lee.

I love being here with you, and I loved being there when I took all these other photos:








Being that you’re here, why not leave a comment?

Whether I’m being here or being there, I’m being thankful for all who help me create these posts and — of course! — for YOU, here and now.


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16 thoughts on “Day 2452: Being here, being there

  1. Here’s to you being there for that unique sunset photo, Ann. I will take as many different views of our sun saying goodnight as I can.

  2. Not being there, and never having been there, I wonder what the white squares across the road mean (in the atmospheric sunset picture)?

  3. Thank you for the photo of Oscar. Wherever Oscar is, is a good place to be — even in a photo taken at an unknown time. I am having a harder time bring here today than I usually do.

    • I’m sorry that you’re having a harder time being here, Maureen, but I’m always so glad when you’re here (and so is Oscar).

  4. Great pictures. I think Michael should write out his recipes and pair them with your pictures. Yum!
    Is that building the Emerald Theatre? Very interesting in the here.

    • Getting Michael to post his recipes here might be difficult, since he doesn’t work from recipes — he works from having been there in the food industry as a cook for many decades. That building is not the Emerald Theatre, since that is in Michigan and very far from here. I’m not sure what that building is — I saw it on my drive to work and loved it so when I saw it there that I just had to share it here. As always, thanks for being here!

  5. In their music video for the Pet Shop Boys’ cover of “Always On My Mind” the actor Joss Ackland sits in the back and, when asked where he’s going, says, “I’m going there but I like it here, wherever it is.”
    That’s stayed with me ever since I was a teenager because it seems like a great way to look at life: enjoy being here now because eventually we’ll have to go there.

  6. Here at your post is one of my favorite places to be.

  7. I like being here at your blog and Peggy Lee’s song just so you know

  8. I think of you often, Ann, so I experience being here, and being there, with you! 🙂

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