Day 2450: Shocking confession. I’ve made mistakes.

Shocking confession.  I often steal the titles for these posts.


I’m wondering if this shocks my old friend Lawry, a lawyer who specializes in intellectual property and who used to read this blog every day.  Shocking confession: Lawry and I are both attending our 45th college reunion this weekend.

Shocking confession: I keep rewriting the first paragraph of the five-minute “Ted Talk” I’m giving at the reunion, which includes shocking confessions.

Everyone in our class, I’m sure, remembers where you were on November 22, 1963.  I’m different from you.  I have no memories of that day, because I was having heart surgery to get my first cardiac pacemaker. While the world was being traumatized by the assassination of President Kennedy, my family and I were being traumatized by that unexpected surgery, by hospital rules preventing parents from staying with their children, and by medical staff not knowing how to answer the questions of a frightened 10-year-old girl, like “What’s that coffin on the TV screen?” and “What’s this giant thing sticking out of my body?”

It’s shocking how many mistakes people made back then.  Unless I’m mistaken, giving this speech in front of my classmates will be a reparative experience, even if I make mistakes in my presentation.

Shocking confession. I’ve made mistakes every day of my life.  Let’s see if I’ve made mistakes in my other photos from yesterday.










Shocking confession.  I like to make up stories based on what I see around me.  What story might you make up using the photos in this post?  Don’t worry about making mistakes.

Shocking confession. One of the people pictured in today’s blog played the role of Ursula in a local production of “The Little Mermaid.”  Can you guess who that was?  Here is a song Ursula sings about mistakes being made:

Shocking confession. We’re all poor unfortunate souls who make mistakes.  Ariel makes the mistake of giving up her voice in the Disney version of “The Little Mermaid,”  but she recovers it in the end.

Shocking confession.  I’d love to see your comments about this post and I’m grateful to all who helped me create it.



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22 thoughts on “Day 2450: Shocking confession. I’ve made mistakes.

  1. Shocking that we are twins – I’ve made mistakes each and every day too. Good thing is that later I generally move most into my ‘misadventures’ category.

  2. Mistakes.. misakes…. I connot do a post on WordPress without making a spelling mistake in my poem, I always have to edit it again after I’ve already posted the article…. maybe I’m dyslexic…

  3. I’ll admit that I think the scariest people in the world are those who won’t admit to making a mistake, some even going so far as to use a Sharpie to redraw history so their mistake won’t be a mistake… (Yeah, I make mistakes daily)

  4. It’s how one handles mistakes that sets one apart, I guess, Ann.

  5. No one is perfect Ann and that is okay. We can learn by our mistakes and then do our best not to repeat those.

  6. I have lots of different takes on all matters in life. Some of them are of the mis variety!

  7. I am really looking forward to hearing how your weekend went, afterwards, and how you feel about your speech, yourself, and everything and everyone else. I am not mistaken in thinking that you are awesome.

    • If I’m not mistaken, Maureen, I’ve told you several times that it takes one awesome person to know another one. There’s no mistake about that.

  8. It won’t shock you that I’m at a loss for where to begin, and I even wonder if I should be shocked that you’ve done so well in spite of some terrible experiences early on. But a lot of things go into making us who we are, and even though your parents couldn’t stay with you in the hospital they still had a tremendously positive influence.
    Also it didn’t shock me, although it did disappoint me, several years ago to see a “sexy Ursula costume” that was merely a black miniskirt and a purple wig. Sherie Rene Scott’s costume is so much better and a lovely tribute to the often shocking Divine, who was the inspiration for the animated Ursula.

  9. Mistakes………………….
    We all make them…………………..
    Learn from them and go on with life

  10. Is someone going to record your talk, Ann? If you are willing to share it with us, I’d really be interested. I know we all make mistakes, but somehow not everyone seems to learn from those mistakes. I hope I do! 🙂

    • If I record the talk, I need to be sneaky about it, Debra. Make no mistake, I’ll try to do that for this blog. And I am sure you’re a person who learns from mistakes (as I hope I do, also). ❤

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