Day 2447: Crowded

As usual, my mind is crowded with lots of thoughts, including ideas about what to write in today’s blog post.

Last night, I watched part of the debate among the crowded field of Democratic candidates for President of these United States. Did anybody stand out from the crowd, for you?

Yesterday, my day was crowded with three Coping and Healing groups — two for patients and one for staff.

In one of the groups, I handed out the Rumi poem “The Guest House” which mentions “a crowd of sorrows.”


I love this kind of acceptance of whatever thought or feeling enters our crowded hearts and minds. In other words, nothing we feel or think should be considered trash.



The white boards in the group rooms were crowded with lots of topics.




The word “unexpected” stood out from one of those crowded lists.



It looks like the letter “D” has been crowded off the page in that photo.

Let’s see what other recent photos are on my crowded iPhone:





Our awareness of our positive qualities are often crowded out by our focus on our negative ones. That’s why we made a list of positive qualities in one of yesterday’s groups.

Here’s “Don’t Dream It’s Over” by Crowded House.


Hey now, hey now, I’m facing a day crowded with individual therapy appointments and two groups, so this post is over (but not before I share a crowd of thanks).




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30 thoughts on “Day 2447: Crowded

  1. pdlyons

    Reblogged this on Pdlyons's Explorations.

  2. May your day be full of expectations met and delightful surprises, Ann.

  3. Great to see playing the video/music of Aussie band, Crowded House,.. I’ve been my little crowded house all day, I’m in bed now, listening to “one crowded hour” by Augie March…enjoy

  4. Darn! The video was “unavailable.” Must have been crowded out by newer somethings. Sure glad God doesn’t let the newer folks crowd me out of His presence!

  5. This post really spoke to me today, thematically, and especially, thank you for sharing the marvelous Rumi poem which, in turn, I shared with my son. In my experience and observations, these guests are often and mostly already in our own house; waking, dosing, arguing, walking in, storming out, slipping away- they all can and perhaps, must be invited to the table – to build their uneasy and noisy alliances – to be befriended. How well they each embody the rich substance and the longings of our lifetimes here! ❤️

  6. Lately I’ve been pondering the idea that a crowded mind is a good way to deal with negative thoughts. Negative thoughts have less prominence in a crowded mind, and a crowded schedule can provide plenty of things to look forward to. Among other things I’m looking forward to listening to “Don’t Dream It’s Over” again after having not heard that song in many years.

  7. I’m not at all crowded this afternoon, and for the next 7 days, as we are staying in a cottage in the middle of nowhere. It’s sunny, warm, and there are 5 Red Kites soaring overhead.

  8. puella33

    The crowded house is a metaphor for the crowded mind. I think fear of the unexpected is a ramp to a crowded highway of fearful thoughts. One of last night’s “debaters” disappointed me with his lack of respect for the other due to his. age. Moreover it demonstrated how greed can cruel and divicive.. Only a very few seemed passionate about the people and not about themselves

  9. I’ve never really been part of the in crowd , or the out crowd for that matter, so over a lifetime I’ve created my own little crowd.

  10. I don’t handle crowds neither do any of my girls

  11. Thanks for the lovely. poem.

  12. In recent weeks I’ve had doctor’s appointments or dialysis every day but Sunday, and the appointments were in three different hospitals or specialties clinics. On top of it, the appointments were for two separate health issues, so, when one of the nearly half dozen doctors involved in requiring specific tests or procedures or surgeries involved told me two days ago I needed a specific kind of ultrasound on my heart done, I told him I already had it, he asked me when. What? I barely know which town it was in…I think…but I remember the ultrasound was done by a guy named Mike, not Peggy, who was on vacation…does that count? And they had problems finding a vein that hadn’t been used for one reason or other in the past two weeks to inject something that created bubbles in the bloodstream so they could see some aspect of my heart better…”No, they won’t cause clots!” (I needed to know that!)…but I couldn’t tell the doctor two days ago when all this happened, or where! For all I know, it was a nightmare. I did learn a new “medical” expression, though: “popped” means a vein didn’t survive injection, and expect a nasty hematoma to appear! I’ve a few popped veins from all the medical procedures of late. Add “popped” to words and phrases like “uh oh!”, “oh my god!”, and “this is the worst [fill in the blank] I’ve seen in my [fill in the blank] years as a doctor!” you never want to hear in a clinic or hospital.

    I think you could call all this “crowded”. Since I failed to convince the doctor two days ago that I actually had the procedure he ordered, I suspect I get to have it a second time, soon. Or at least there is a good chance of it. With luck, the report will hit his computer, though, and I will be spare the hassle. Maybe Mike will ask me why I’m having it again. Except Peggy will be back from vacation. Oh sxxx!”

    • I know what it’s like to deal with a crowd of doctors, and I’m so glad you’re sharing all this with the crowd at this blog. All the best to you. ❤

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  14. I missed this post yesterday due to a medical appointment. Just wanted to say that it reminds me of Okay Go’s song, This Too Shall Pass, which I think we have enjoyed on your blog in the past. (If I’ve made triplicate posts saying mostly the same thing today it’s because WordPress rejected responses made from my laptop today and so I am trying again from my tablet.

    • I love you and this video and I’m sorry my days have been so crowded that it took me months to notice this comment, Maureen.

  15. Crowded thoughts can really hamper my flexibility and joie de vivre, Ann, so I loved this post! And the Rumi poem is absolutely wonderful. I’m so glad you shared it!

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