Day 2445: What makes you feel better

Yesterday, in a Coping and Healing group, we made a list of “What makes you feel better.”


What’s on your personal list of “What makes you feel better”?

What makes me feel better includes creating these blog posts and taking photos:














Also, Michael’s meals, voting, helpful rules, and flamingos make me feel better.

Here‘s KIRA with “If It Makes You Feel Better.”

If it makes you feel better, please leave a comment.

As always, it makes me feel better to express my gratitude to all who help me create better posts, including YOU.



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22 thoughts on “Day 2445: What makes you feel better

  1. I need to eat outdoors more often!

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  3. Sharing my time with my dear wife Karen and our cherished rescue mutt Ellie makes me feel better, Ann.

  4. Horses make me feel better.

  5. Inspired by this post. Totally inspired.

  6. I recently talked to a therapist about how it should be easy to do things that make us feel better, especially when it’s something that’s easy to do. Neither one of us could figure out why doing something easy that makes us feel better should ever be difficult, but your perspective always helps me feel better.

  7. Waking up each morning.
    Making others smile.

  8. Pictures of Mike’s meal!!

  9. reading, writing, human interaction, storytelling/listening, walking in the woods, being near water, chocolate, a home cooked meal, casual family gatherings, friendships, movies, laughing.

  10. I really love that photo of your food on the table looking out over the water. It is so beautiful.

    Sometimes what makes me feel better is helping somebody else or helping them to accomplish a goal. Today I had a really good day because I helped a refugee who arrived only 3 weeks ago to move to a higher level of English class so that he can work at a part time job in the afternoon that he’s been offered (there are no spaces left in the city at his tested level) and then in the evening my husband took him to a big meeting where he was able to shake the prime minister’s hand. He hasn’t even been in Canada for a month and he already has a job, is attending school, has been to the dentist, works out at the gym, can make pancakes, and has shaken hands with “the ruler of Canada”)! We also visited a beautiful Park and he tasted mashed potatoes for the first time in his life and liked them. (He didn’t think he would, from the description.) All of that has helped me feel very good and I think he is happy too.

    • People like you and your husband make me feel much better about the world, Maureen. Thank you for this beautiful comment. ❤

  11. I feel better when I don’t pay as much attention to the news! CBD oil helps a little, too! 🙂

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