Day 2442: Learning how to be brave

Yesterday, when I was brave enough to visit the Broken Tail Rescue cat adoption center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, I noticed this description of two of the kitties there:



Luna is learning how to be brave by following her brother’s lead, says the description.



I think Luna is learning a lot — she’s up front and seems fearless.  I also think her brother, Ray, is learning from her.

I’ve been learning how to be brave my whole life, which I’ll be describing in a 5-minute talk at my 45th college reunion in two weeks.  Learning how to be brave includes:

  • following good role models,
  • feeling the fear and doing it anyway,
  • letting go of harsh judgments,
  • having faith in your process,
  • accepting all your feelings,
  • being kind to yourself and others,
  • carrying supportive people in your heart and mind,
  • committing to the here and now,
  • learning from everything, and
  • telling your story authentically.

I’ll be using those “Learning how to be brave” guidelines when I’m bravely telling my story authentically in front of hundreds of people, soon.

I was learning how to be brave when I took these other photos yesterday:




















Harley is learning to be brave by being up off the floor.

What can we learn from Harry Potter: How to be Brave?


How are you learning to be brave?

Thanks to all the brave and learning ones who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — to you, my brave reader.



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25 thoughts on “Day 2442: Learning how to be brave

  1. I have always thought you are so brave Ann. You set a great example.

  2. I read your blog, admire your ways and follow your words, Ann.

  3. by making changes without knowing the outcome and trusting that things will fall into place

  4. Thanks for sharing this great post Brave Ann!!!

  5. I usually think it’s brave to follow your own path, but sometimes it can be brave to follow others too. I like the example Luna sets.

  6. Some learn to be brave. Lots pretend to be brave. I believe your reunion talk will show all the bravure you displayed at The Fringe!

  7. good luck getting ready for your five-minute talk. what will be the topic?

    • The topic is “Picking up the Pieces.” I’m going to talk about living with heart problems from birth and I’m also going to mention this blog and my brave readers!

      • it probably makes it a bit easier that you are talking about things you are passionate about and well versed in. Good luck!

  8. You’re brave to put yourself out there everyday, Ann. Btw, I love today’s photos, especially the socks.

  9. You are brave to bring all those beautiful photos today, Ann 🙂

  10. I enjoyed this post, Ann, and will use your list of how to be brave in my blog tomorrow (giving you credit and a link to here, of course). Thank you for “putting yourself out there.” Your 5-minute talk at your 45th college reunion in two weeks will be a highlight for your classmates, I’m sure. Good for you! ❤

  11. I wish I couldbe brave at times

  12. i don’t think of myself as being very brave, Ann, but it occurs to me that with age comes the need to cultivate bravery…life throws a lot of curve balls! I love the little cats, and I don’t know how you got the courage to make that visit unless you brought someone new home?

    • I think of you as very brave, Debra. I love the little cats, too, and I’ve been trying to get other people I know to take them home so I can visit them!

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