Day 2441: Can’t stop, won’t stop

I can’t stop, won’t stop

  • blogging,
  • letting go of the past,
  • having hope for the future,
  • enjoying the riches of the present moment,
  • writing original songs,
  • telling everybody about the healing power of groups, and
  • taking photos of what I see around me.















I can’t stop, won’t stop posting videos of my performances even though I have — OMG! — only 18 subscribers to my YouTube channel. Here’s the latest video:


 Can’t stop, won’t stop singing about triggers until all the worst triggers go away.

Can’t stop, won’t stop expressing gratitude to all who help me keep going every day, including YOU.


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18 thoughts on “Day 2441: Can’t stop, won’t stop

  1. It’s my wedding anniversary in a couple of days…. and I can’t stop the memories, and I won’t stop the music playing our song…….

    • Memories are good. They make us sad and happy all at the same time. I hope you can celebrate the happy, recognize the sad and keep moving forward on your journey.

      • Thank you, yes I’m always moving forward, every now and then, the stepping stones are slippery and covered with old moss…. 😂

    • I can’t stop, won’t stop expressing my gratitude to both of you for sharing.

  2. and we are all the luckier for that –

  3. I can’t stop going over to YouTube… 19 😉

  4. Your Trigger song is timely as we seem to be popping off randomly all over the place in the news and on social media and in our normally, routine lives. Thanks for giving words to those little gremlins running around causing havoc. You may not be Ghostbusters, but pretty unstoppable!

  5. My home wifi triggers me because it kept stopping your video, but I kept on until I watched the whole thing. And you’re so unstoppable, and handle so much with such great aplomb, I think we should call you “jugglernaut”.

  6. Sometimes I. stop.

  7. I like your cat picture. He (She) looks comfy.

  8. After a rough week, Ann, your positivity in the list of “won’t stops” is healing! And I really enjoyed being reminded of Jacqueline Susann’s “Every Night, Josephine!” I read that probably 50 years ago (YIKES!) and now I can’t stop smiling. 🙂

    • I can’t stop, won’t stop being grateful we know each other, Debra. I was hoping that somebody else would have read “Every Night, Josephine!” — one of my favorite books from my childhood — and I’m so delighted that it’s you!

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