Day 2440: It’s okay!

Yesterday, somebody in a “Coping and Healing” group suggested that we share thoughts and feelings about “It’s okay,” especially since the week before we had focused on “It’s NOT okay.”

I hope it’s okay that I share what I wrote in that group:



It’s okay that my “It’s okay!” poem is on its side.

Here are more photos residing on my okay iPhone:












It’s okay that I missed last night’s spectacular sunset, because I was facilitating the Coping and Healing group.  Yes, somebody else took that much-more-than-okay last photo.

Here‘s OK (Anxiety Anthem) by Mabel:


Whatever comment you choose to leave, it’s okay.

I know it’s okay for me to end these posts with gratitude, so thanks to all who helped me create another okay post and — of course! — to YOU.



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18 thoughts on “Day 2440: It’s okay!

  1. It’s OK to have John Updike edit a collection of best short stories in my book, Ann!

  2. Seeing a book edited by John Updike and the sunset reminds me of his poem “Sonic Boom”, and its speaker’s belief that, whatever happens, it’ll all be okay.

    Our world is far from frightening; I
    No longer strain to read the sky
    Where moving fingers (jet planes) fly,
    Our world seems much too tame to die.

    And if it does, with one more pop,
    I shan’t look up to see it drop.

  3. It’s OK to have a sideways on poem, it gave my neck some much needed exercise!

  4. A beautiful sunset!

    I noticed that you have The Body Keeps the Score.

    There is a new book on PTSD out that I think is very good, too. It’s called The Unspeakable Mind, by Shaili Jain, a psychiatrist who specializes in PTSD. I think she does a good job of covering a wide range of types of experiences that can cause PTSD and she looks at new treatments for it, most of them not prescriptions. She managed to write her book in a way that richly conveys the experience of PTSD without re-traumatizing readers by going over every gory detail of the traumatizing experience. This was a conscious decision on her part and I really appreciated it

  5. Beautiful sunset Ann and it’s okay to post this 🙂

  6. the body does keep score. It’s okay to tell it it’s okay.

  7. Sometimes it’s ok just to get to the end of a week and realize you made it through! 🙂 Love that sunset!

  8. That sunset is more than okay

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