Day 2438: All you need

All you need is …

… love.

All I need is

  • love,
  • kindness,
  • shelter,
  • peace,
  • the healing power of groups, and
  • the chance to pay my respects today to my late friend Hillel and to his family and friends.

All I need is my iPhone to take photos and to post this blog a few hours before my wonderful hostess Julie and I leave to drive to Hillel’s funeral in NYC.

All I need is that Connecticut Cat Nellie and a FaceTime call with Harley to help prepare me for the funeral today.

What’s all you need?

Is this music all you need?

All the love and thanks you need coming at you, here and now, from your grateful blogger.

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26 thoughts on “Day 2438: All you need

  1. music sure helps

  2. My comisserations

  3. commiserations

  4. Perfect music for your post, Ann 🙂

  5. May you and Julie be comforted by many memories of Hillel’s friendship, Ann.

  6. I will be thinking of you today as you gather with people who loved Hillel, and remember him.

    That friend you are staying with has an adorable cat.

  7. Music and family and friends and memories. That’s all you need. Plus pets and chocolate and hugs. I hope you can hold on to good memories and give Hillel a fond farewell. Love is all you need. Big hug. Thanks for reminding us what is important.

  8. This morning I stumbled on the Oscar Wilde quote, “One should absorb the color of life, but one should never remember its details.” It may not be all you need, but it did make me think of how it’s friends that give our lives color.
    Shalom aleichem.

  9. Love and Hugs!

  10. All I need is patience and love

  11. I think that’s Brian Wilson in a suit and tie to the right at that concert; it must have been one of those big royal bash concerts, some time mid 90s to early 2000’s? Tony Blair in evidence. What a blast from the past. And when it’s a love blast, it’s all good. I hope there was lots of it today, for Hillel and for each other.

  12. puella33

    When things are out of my control, all I need is a dear friend for moral support and consolation

  13. I think you were wise to get a little fuel of love from Harley before the funeral service.Thinking of you with love, dear Ann. xx

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