Day 2433: Daily Tasks

One my favorite daily tasks is creating this daily blog.  That helps me face all my other daily tasks, no matter what I’m in the mood for. My daily blogging tasks include sharing my photos from yesterday:














What’s on your list of daily tasks?

My tasks today include

  • getting ready for work,
  • driving to a parking lot near Boston’s Fenway Park,
  • pronouncing “Park” unlike a native Bostonian,
  • walking the mile to the hospital where I work,
  • being on “Quick Response” for the doctors and patients of  the Primary Care Practice at the hospital,
  • eating the right amount of greens to maintain a good INR level,
  • ordering a half-portion of the best hospital macaroni and cheese I’ve ever had in my life,
  • facilitating a “Coping and Healing” group,
  • doing individual therapy, and
  • enjoying the start of a long weekend.

Tomorrow, my tasks include

  • doing individual therapy,
  • taking my car in to be serviced,
  • looking for comfortable, affordable, and spectacular-enough clothes for my 45th college reunion, and
  • enjoying the long weekend.

Here‘s “Relaxing Concentration Music — designed to help you work, study, and focus on your task.”


Perhaps that music will help you focus on the task of leaving a comment, below.

Another one of my daily tasks is finding gratitude and sharing it with you.


Thanks to all the people who help me with my daily tasks and thanks — of course! — to my wonderful readers, including YOU.


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30 thoughts on “Day 2433: Daily Tasks

  1. I love doing a daily blog as well, helps me reflect on things, be creative, and share –

  2. three cheers for daily blogging! enjoy the long weekend.

  3. Sounds like you have your tasks and relaxation all mapped out. Have a fun weekend Ann πŸ’›

  4. Work, vanity appointment, quick shopping trip, start the 3-day with my dear wife Karen with a great dinner at home is on my schedule today, Ann. Enjoy your holiday weekend, my friend.

  5. Sorry………….I couldn’t concentrate for that loud background music. I didn’t read the bit about turning down the volume and reducing the screen resolution!

  6. I find I have trouble with routines: any interruption causes me to forget what I need to do next. Relaxing would probably help with that.

  7. puella33

    I don’t consider doing something enjoyable a task. Have a nice long week-end πŸ™‚

  8. One daily task I don’t mention in my posts because it goes without saying is reading and commenting on others’ posts. I usually do that first thing in the morning. Today I reversed the process and drafted most of my post first. This means that it is early evening and I am just getting round to carrying out this task

  9. I try to find a new daily routine, where I read other blogs, doing the necessary tasks at home and try to find out, how to use my time best possible.
    Nice card with the tiger, Ann πŸ™‚

  10. Each and every day I struggle

  11. I did not listen to the relaxing concentration music because I wanted to concentrate on leaving a message here and WordPress doesn’t let me listen and write at the same time.

    You have really carried through with your commitment to write daily, and I remember that when you started this blog you had a goal of writing daily for one year. Do you think that keeping this blog has changed you? Has it caused you to do things you wouldn’t have otherwise, or give up things you would have?

    • I think that keeping this blog has changed me, Maureen. As I’m going to say in my speech at my Harvard reunion on September 21st …

      “So as I tell my story to you today, I wonder, perhaps along with you,
      what has allowed me to survive, so intact, through all these years of
      uncertainty and crisis? What has helped me pick up the pieces, over
      and over again? As when I was a child β€” the love of my family and
      friends sustain me. Also, about seven years ago I expanded my
      network of friends by starting a daily blog. Every morning, including
      today, I write about my heart, my son, my boyfriend, my work,, my
      passion for the healing power of groups, my music, my cats, my
      hopes, my fears, β€” whatever helps gird and prepare me for the day
      ahead. The day after my heart valve replacement surgery is the only
      day I needed a substitute blogger β€” my boyfriend Michael let my
      thousands of readers know I had survived the complicated surgery.
      The comments from my readers that day included β€œThis is the best
      news that I could receive!” β€œShe’s going to be alright guys’ is the best
      line ever!”

      As I know with my work with groups, community is essential for
      survival. Perhaps because of all the traumas I’ve been through, I need
      a bigger group than most to keep me going. Thanks for being part of
      my group, today.”

      Thank YOU, Maureen, for being part of my group, today.

  12. You plan your daily life very well. In a sense, I think daily planing give you direction for each day. That should boost mental health.

  13. Your daily blog always has a great focus, and I would imagine that could carry you forward into whatever tasks await you. Attitude is so important, and your intention to remain positive and proactive helps you, but always encourages me! πŸ™‚

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