Day 2425: Here we go again!!

Yesterday morning, after publishing Day 2424: Missing, I heard that I am going to get another go at performing my Fringe show Group “Therapy” with Ann.

Here I go again, doing two groups on a Thursday, which is how it goes for me back home at work in Boston.

It may seem like a risk to do two shows in one day with very little time to convince people to attend my show — among the thousands of shows and performances at Scotland’s Festival Fringe — but here we go again!!

When I go again today, I may sing different songs, like “I Left The House Before I Felt Ready” or “Hidden Thoughts.” Here I go again, having trouble making decisions. If necessary, I can always go again to the “coin flip” app on my phone.

Here we go again — with the rest of my photos from yesterday.

Here at the Bar Bados Fringe venue last night, my son, Aaron Fairbanks (a/k/a as “The Jail Mailman”) and one of our long-time favorite comedians, Tom Joyce, did their show — The Mail Room — again.

Here we go again with a video that Aaron’s proud mother recorded at last night’s performance of “The Mail Room.”

Here I go again, apologizing for the mistakes I made recording that. Here I go again, letting go of worry, perfectionism, fear, and self-judgment before my two performances today.

Here we go again with yet another request for comments, below.

Here we go again with gratitude, for all who help me go again, every day!!!

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31 thoughts on “Day 2425: Here we go again!!

  1. Enjoy your repeat performance

  2. Thank you for sharing Aaron’s performance! You enabled me to attend from half a world away, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. He is brilliant. And the way he moved restlessly — he made himself very funny somehow, by creating a jail mailman personality with his movements and body and tight collar. How did you feel, mom?

    Good luck at your held-over run!

  3. Encore,encore!! Jump right in!

  4. Great post 🙂

  5. Good luck Ann!!! I would pick your show over all others. I would then go to the others. You know, to be supportive. Having enjoyed myself thoroughly at yours. 😊

  6. After the two shows tonight, you will officially be a Fringe performance veteran, Ann. Way to go!

  7. good luck!

  8. Congratulations on your second and third shows! There’s always a chance to go again.


    Great for you (and those who attend!) One session of your Group Therapy was not enough. Glad others will get to experience it.

  10. Here you go again Ann! You must do the asshole song at least one more time. It’s priceless ❣️

  11. Here we go again with great news. I hope it went well today Ann.

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  14. How exciting to have an opportunity to see Aaron perform! Thank you for the video. 🙂 And good for you for having another day of shows! Glad you’re now safely home now. I’m sure you had a zillion things to tell Michael all about! 🙂

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