Day 2420: Considerate constructors

Yesterday, when I was in the considerate city of Edinburgh, continuing to construct my August 19th Free Fringe show “Group ‘Therapy’ with Ann,” I noticed this sign:


After many years of attending the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, I agree that the people who live in and visit Edinburgh are consider constructors. Thanks to all of them for their consideration!

Also, consider this poster for an especially considerate constructor of brilliant Fringe shows: Joshua Ladgrove a/k/a Dr. Neal Portenza:


My considerate son and I will definitely attend that show, probably today.

I love being at the heart of Edinburgh …


… which I experience as a calmed area …


… particularly in contrast with my home country of the USA, here and now.

Here are some considerate constructors in an interview with Josh Ladgrove from the Edinburgh Fringe last year:

Before listening to that interview, I didn’t know that “Neal Portenza” was considerately constructed from an anagram of “Not a Real Perzon.”

I look forward to fetching comments …



… from the considerate readers of this blog.

Considerate thanks from the constructor of this post to all who are reading it, including YOU.




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13 thoughts on “Day 2420: Considerate constructors

  1. I’m so glad you’re offering your own Fringe show for consideration and I believe you’ll have a considerate and thoughtful audience. Meanwhile I’ll consider many things including how darn funny Dr. Neal Portenza is.

  2. I am considering many things. The refugee we sponsored arrived late this week and is staying with us, so I am seeing Canada and our lives here through his eyes. Every tiny thing is new and a first. But part of me is seeing Edinburgh through the eyes of my favourite fringe performer, Ann Koplow, Have a wonderful time, Ann.

  3. I’m considering, how to use my weekend for both rest and activity and joy with my animals, Ann 🙂
    Enjoy your time.

  4. They were very considerate in prison and agreed to let me out for the weekend.
    Hope you have a great time over the weekend and that all those considerate constructors come to see you on Monday.

  5. Happy Landings in Scotland Ann🥰

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