Day 2419: Get in touch

Get in touch with your reactions to these two notifications I recently received from Facebook:

It’s not easy for me to get in touch with Oscar right now. Why? Because I’m at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Oscar’s back home with Michael and Harley.

I’m getting in touch with my excitement about my son Aaron and I both having shows at the Fringe.

Get in touch with these other new photos on my phone:

Get in touch with this YouTube video of Aaron performing a version of his Mail Room show.

Get in touch with me through a comment, below.

Every day, no matter where I am, I’m in touch with appreciation and gratitude for you!

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18 thoughts on “Day 2419: Get in touch

  1. Even when you are traveling, you are good to get in touch with your followers, Ann 🙂
    Edinburgh looks still good, I visited years ago and liked it too.

  2. It’s about time I get in touch with you, my friend. All the best to you and Aaron on your shows at the Fringe. (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

  3. oh Ann!! I LOVE the promotion for your set and for Aaron’s – so delicious!! Thinking of you and sending my love and excitement about this, your way ❤️

  4. Yesterday I listened to Radio 4’s “Funny From The Fringe” and hoped to hear you or Aaron, but I’m sure I’ll find other ways to keep in touch. And after listening to Aaron I will always wonder if the milk was bad.

  5. I got in touch with the Jail Mailman and now they won’t let me out!

  6. May you both enjoy The Fringe. Who took over Michael’s cooking duties?

  7. What excitement, Ann! Very special times to be sharing this experience with your son. 🙂

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