Day 2417: The “Why should I care?” test

Yesterday, I witnessed somebody telling a writer that their  story did not answer the “Why should I care?” test.  Why should I care about that?  Well, sometimes I wonder why my loyal and lovely readers should care about the personal words and photos I share in this blog.

Why should you care if I went to the dentist yesterday and got a new dental crown that was created, before my eyes, in a 3-D  printer?   Why should you care if Michael and I took Oscar to the vet and he got a clean bill of health?  Why should you care if Harley escaped going to the vet by scratching Michael, hissing, growling, and making it impossible for us to corral him in time to make the appointment? In other words, why should you care about what I care about?

Why should you care about how I recorded some of yesterday’s moments?












Why should any of us care about allowing cats and people to communicate their stories in an authentic,  personal, and full-bodied way?

Why should anybody care about this video I took of the creation of my new dental crown?


Why should I care about the comments you make on this blog?  There are SO many reasons I care.   I can only hope I convey that caring in every post and every answer, every day.



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31 thoughts on “Day 2417: The “Why should I care?” test

  1. Today I stopped enough, to care about your post……

  2. We all need to care, that’s what keeps the world going in a positive way. πŸ™‚

  3. Ann, thank you so much for posting that video of your tooth being created! I am fascinated! Is this a permanent crown or a temporary one? It’s just remarkable!

    I do care about you and I also care about your cats. I’ve never wondered why but I think it’s only natural to care about you, since I have started almost every single day since 2013 by having a bit of a walk around inside your head or heart, and certainly inside your life, thanks to all you share. I listen and by listening, have gotten to know you and to care.

    Congratulations to Oscar for the clean bill of health. Bigger congratulations to Harley for managing to escape the trip to the vet. That is a rare victory! Poor Michael. I hope he heals quickly

    • Thanks and congratulations for another caring and exquisitely crafted comment, Maureen. That is a permanent crown and, yes, it is remarkable!

  4. We all have our own story to tell and if someone cares enough to share their story I care enough to listen and be interested. I find the story that the video of your new crown tells fascinating, and I hope the story of Harley’s next trip to the vet goes better, at least for Michael.

  5. Why shouldn’t we care about each other, Ann ?
    I do care about you and your life and beauties.

  6. puella33

    We care because, we are a social being. We care about others , we help others, and we learn from others. We would be dead inside if we didn’t care.

  7. Sharing is caring. And you share very well. I hope Michael didn’t care too much about being rejected by Harley. Hopefully vets don’t care about rejection either. It’s a tough job. Oscar seems about to share a few choice thoughts.
    Amazing 3D printer. The world of possibilities. Eureka!

  8. I must care, because I often come to read your posts – they always provide food for thought and interesting images of life across the pond. It’s wonderful that your dentist was able to ‘magic’ you a crown on the spot with a 3-D printer. We don’t seem to have caught up with that technology here in Wales – I have to wait for weeks while the crown is made in some lab or other, and then pay a lab fee on top of my dental insurance payment!

  9. There are many things in life we care about when really what’s the point that said I hate seeing a dentist and haven’t done so in years

  10. That video of your new crown being made is fascinating. I am interested in 3D printers in a curious way, I guess. Poor Oscar looks as though he’s in a blue sack with his head out. He may take lessons from Harley in the future, but let’s hope not.

    • If you’re curious, Lisa, we tried a new mode of transportation for Oscar when we took him to the vet on Tuesday. We think that bag might have been an improvement over the usual cat carrier. Of course, we’re not sure if he would care to agree or disagree. Thanks for another caring comment!

  11. I sometimes wonder πŸ™‚

  12. It is kind of hard to explain how within the blogging community we make friends and really do care, although such little direct contact. It’s a delightful mystery. πŸ™‚ And a 3-D printer in a dental lab? Amazing!

  13. I care because I can feel your love and sincerity. And you’re truly a kind and fun loving person.

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