Day 2412: here comes trouble.

Here comes a photo of the socks I wore to work yesterday:


Here comes an exercise we took the trouble to do in last night’s Coping and Healing group:



Here comes more explanation of that exercise — somebody in the group said that listing three positive things about themselves every day helped reduce symptoms of troubling depression and self-judgment.  I thought it would be good for each of us in the group to take the trouble to create that kind of list.  Despite past troubles bragging about myself, I decided to list more than three positive things about myself and I encouraged the other group participants to do the same for themselves, recognizing that many people have trouble acknowledging positive things, especially when they are depressed. I had a little trouble listing eight  positive things about myself because of the messages about modesty in my family of origin.  However, I also went to the trouble of “stealing” the positive things other people said about themselves, if those applied to me also.

Here comes my suggestion for you: please take the trouble to list three or more positive things about yourself in the comments section below.

Here comes the rest of my photos from yesterday.





Here comes troubling news : acclaimed songwriter/musician/poet David Berman — who struggled with depression and substance abuse — died this week at age 52.

No matter what trouble comes — including darkness and cold — the best we can do is to keep coming together.

Here comes my gratitude for all who help me create these daily posts and for you — of course! — for taking the trouble to read them.


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31 thoughts on “Day 2412: here comes trouble.

  1. 1. I cannot resist commenting on your socks
    2. I always think about others
    3. I have a sense of humour

  2. My three positives…..
    1. I am walking again
    2. I can talk better than 9 months ago
    3. My hand writing has returned to nearly normal

  3. I see myself as a kind, generous, empathetic person.
    I work at not becoming cynical, critical and/or bitter.
    If you live a life in gratitude you are fortunate. Which I am, for sure.

  4. May everybody come together for good things, Ann.

  5. Lovely exercise.

    I used to tell my team (when I worked for an organization and lead a team) that my job was to create space for them to shine. Their job was to know what it was about themselves that made them shine, and then be it and do it

    Thanks for creating this space we can all come together and shine.

    I am kind.
    I am curious and creative. (these two for me are inextricably connected.) 🙂
    I am caring.

  6. Synchronicity – I find it everywhere! Don’t have to look too far! You wrote about positive self-talk and that was my post’s title yesterday. Yes, it’s so important!

  7. Yesterday someone told me that it can be good to talk to a therapist when you’re feeling great. Because depression clouds your judgment it’s helpful to focus on your strengths–and you have many more than eight–because that can prepare you for when trouble comes along.

  8. I’m positive I’m stealing from Ruth. Also
    Hope I’m a positive energy for others.
    Am a calm oasis in the chaos.
    Am embracing the fact that I am not responsible for other people’s feelings.
    Positive I’m fond of your socks!

  9. Great encouraging post, dear Ann 🙂

    1. I’m empathic
    2. I’m caring
    3. I’m patient, sometimes too patient.

  10. 1. My writing
    2. My grandkids
    3. My lasagna
    All 3 make others smile!

  11. 1. I refuse to regret anything
    2. I acknowledge that often I am wrong
    3. I am content
    4. I wear colourful socks every day
    5. I noticed that you said 3 or more!

  12. Smiling … I already have my list as a reminder on the notice board in front of me. I am curious, compassionate, confident, empathetic, and have can express myself.
    Its a great way to tap into natural strengths and overcome fear. 💕

  13. “Here comes trouble”, is what people say when they see my daughter approaching

  14. Trouble seems to be almost everywhere and we hardly have to look for it! Wearing happy socks is a nice way to lift the mood, though!

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