Day 2410: Recurring dreams

One of my recurring dreams is to have a show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  Much to my amazement, that will be occurring on August 19 at 13:00 (1 PM) at the Natural Food Kafe basement room. I only have one show this year, but I’m hoping the show will be recurring next year.

My show — “Group ‘Therapy’ with Ann” — is loosely based on the recurring groups that I do five times a week at work. At this point, I’m staying up and having dreams about how to make that work well  since there are new and non-recurring elements I’ve never dealt with before, including:

  • it’s about half the time of my usual groups,
  • I don’t know how many people will show up,
  • several of the participants will be total strangers to me, and
  • it’s a show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

I know that I will be using some recurring elements of my real groups, like mindfulness and a check-in where everybody will have the space and time to speak uninterrupted.  In  my recurring groups, I always introduce the check-in by saying what I’m curious about in the moment, as a way to suggest what people might want to share. For the purposes of my Edinburgh show, I’m planning on curiously asking people:

  • why they came to the show,
  • how they would introduce themselves,
  • something we might not guess about them,
  • their experience in the moment,
  • what keeps them up at night,
  • what keeps them going,
  • a favorite saying and/or song, and
  • a recurring or vivid dream they’ve had.

In my check-in, I plan on singing one of my original songs and also sharing a recurring dream I have, about trying to call somebody on the phone and not getting through.

Last night, what kept me up was my indecision, at this point, about what to do at the mid-point of the show.  When I finally fell asleep, I had my recurring dream (which hasn’t occurred in years).

In my dream last night, I was trying to call Michael on my cell phone. It was incredibly difficult, because of new changes to the phone, which I couldn’t figure out.  People were trying to help me connect to him,  but nothing was working.  Eventually, I attempted the tried-and-true method of saying to Siri, “Call Michael!”  At that moment, Michael showed up. I was very relieved to see him,  but it was too late for me to get to an important appointment. (The dream had other non-recurring elements,  including a Trump supporter who kept trying to steal one of my boots as I was putting it on, but never mind.)

Do you have a recurring dream?  Would you talk about it if you came to my show? Actually, it would be a dream for me if any of my readers showed up at my Fringe show, no matter what they decided to share.

Certain recurring dreams and themes show up in my photos.  Can you spot any today?


























Here’s the original song I’m going to sing during my check-in, which has had recurring appearances in this blog:

I have a recurring dream about people leaving comments, and they often do!

Recurring thanks to all who help me create this daily recurring blog, including you!


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27 thoughts on “Day 2410: Recurring dreams

  1. Perhaps at the midpoint, you could propose “Selfie-Confessions.” Each audience member could take out their phone to take a photo of you and them in a pose they always wanted but never had the nerve to strike by themselves. There’s my suggestion for the day, Ann.

  2. My recurring dream as a child was jumping down the back stairs and landing safely on my feet. When I was about 2 my Mum had in fact pretended to throw me down the stairs, slipped herself and fell, losing her grasp on me. I did land safely

  3. The wonderful wordplay of your songs always triggers a smile for me, which is good because I felt a little unnerved by your dream–that’s the way of dreams, though. They can make even the ordinary terrifying. Seeing you perform in Edinburgh would be a very happy dream, but one I don’t think will happen. Instead I’ll share this quote from Nikki Giovanni:
    “We are all more than our experiences
    And less than our dreams.”

    • Seeing you here is always a very happy, recurring dream for me, Chris. Thanks for always improving my experience.

  4. I wish that your dreams will become true, dear Ann 🙂

  5. Anne,
    I liked the song “Triggers.” I wouldn’t steal one of your boots. See; we’re all not what we’re made out to be.

  6. Love the cats as usual. But why pineapples, if we were fruits, why pineapples?

  7. Recurring dreams can be good but often for me they are frustrating

  8. I haven’t had a recurring dream in years, but I did at one time. It was strange and frustrating and although it’s probably been 20 years I could describe it in detail. Your frustrating dream sounds just that–frustrating! Your plans for the ‘group therapy’ at your Fringe show sounds completely unique. I’m thinking that those who come will want to share. 🙂

  9. Say Yes to the Mess Ann❣️ LOVE THAT❣️
    What a great mantra for life and theme for your show. Scottish people are more private and not as open to therapy…. although your audience is likely to be more international.
    Embracing our personal mess and the mess around us is something I would be curious about. Hugs 💛

  10. I misread that description about your dream and thought a Trump supporter was trying to steal one of your boobs. 😊

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