Day 2408: How many lives do we have?

How many lives do we have?

I assume each of us has only one life.  So what do we each want to do with our one, precious life?  What do we want to do to preserve the precious, one life of others?

This past weekend in the USA too too many people lost their one lives because of gun violence. I am going to spend the rest of my one life doing whatever I can to stop the madness of such easy access to assault weapons — weapons designed to end as many lives as possible as quickly as possible.

This weekend, when so many lives were lost,  I spent my one life with those I love doing what I love — the priority for every single day of my one precious life.

How many photos do we have?





















Because I don’t have nine lives,  I don’t smoke and I try to live healthy.   I owe it to myself and to those who love me.

When I search YouTube for “How Many Lives Do We Have?” I find this:

How many thoughts and feelings do you have, here and now?  I look forward to reading every one of my readers’ comments.

How much gratitude do I have for those who helped me create this post and for you?



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28 thoughts on “Day 2408: How many lives do we have?

  1. Thank you for making my one life better, Ann.

  2. Your pictures always make me smile. Thank you!

  3. I love the cards so very much and happy to you have as a part of my one life, always. making it a bit better, piece by piece.

  4. Very sad day but this is seemingly now commonplace – 😦

  5. I love your water pictures and that you take funny pictures and give me a video. I’m glad you’re blogging with part of your one precious life.

  6. Just the one will suffice!

  7. On Inside The Actors Studio Hank Azaria was asked, “If Heaven exists what would you like to hear God say when you reach the pearly gates?” and he said, “Wanna go ’round again?”
    It makes me happy to think I might have another chance to take opportunities I’ve missed and fix mistakes that I’ve made, but even if I could be certain that would happen I wouldn’t want to deprive anyone of the chance to make the most of this life. If anything I feel a good part of my life should be devoted to helping others make the most of theirs.

  8. The right to life seems to have been replaced by the right to kill randomly

  9. Thanks for your beautiful post about lives, dear Ann 🙂
    Your view over the sea and your beauty are the absolutely best photos, for me.
    We need to try to live every day, while we are able to do so.

  10. Maureen

    I never tire of your sky.
    Or your cats.

  11. Thank you so much Ann for sharing your beautiful and useful posts!!!

  12. We have but one life to live and thus we need to make it the best one we can

  13. I frequently say that there’s more sand at the bottom of my hourglass than at the top…and I don’t want to waste it! We have a lot to think about and consider these days, don’t we, Ann?

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