Day 2403: What words stand out for you?

After the Democrat debate last night — which included a lot of words, presidential candidates, and interruptions — I’m wondering what words stand out for you?

What words stand out for you in my photos from yesterday?




















My son’s friend Leo (who wrote some stand-out words in this blog post) thinks I’ll stand out if my Fringe poster includes words about my credentials.  I’m still not sure whether I’ll include those words.

When I search YouTube for “What words stand out for you?” this comes up first

… which reminds me of the misheard words in my son’s video:

These words stand out for me from comedian Peter Kay’s Wikipedia page:

his first semi-professional stand-up appearances were at the 1998 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where he received a prestigious Perrier Award nomination.

Words that stand out for me from my readers’ comments, over the years, tell me that certain wordless pictures stand out, like this one:


What words stand out for me, as I finish this post?  As usual, these words:


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19 thoughts on “Day 2403: What words stand out for you?

  1. Hilarious is my stand out word for that Peter Kay clip

  2. Cheese, Ann, it takes guts to stand out in those socks!

  3. my standout from last night’s debate -“I wrote that bill!” my standout from your post – “llamaste.” and your poster. I wish I could see your show live.

  4. While Aaron’s and Peter Kay’s misheard lyrics stand out as very funny to me what’s even funnier is one person in the audience having a weird reaction to “starving Ethiopians”. You never quite know what will standing out.

  5. Debbie T

    Not sure about including credentials on the flier. The show seems more “serious” and less “fun” with them listed.

  6. Maureen

    I say yes to that t-shirt, too!

  7. The mis-heard song words are a hoot! And by the way, I like the credentials. They would catch my attention and make me very curious!

  8. Many words stand out in my life, most are good some not so much

  9. I like the credentials and frames

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