Day 2392: The Heat Is On

A massive and dangerous heatwave is hitting North America today, so the heat is on.

When the heat is on, it affects what images I capture.


















Tonight, when the meteorologists are fortune-telling that it’s going to be 95 degrees Fahrenheit, we’ll be meeting my son at the airport. He’s returning from a month teaching English in Jordan, where the heat is on.

The heat is on in “Vital Transformation” by John McLaughlin‘s Mahavishnu Orchestra from  The Inner Mounting Flame .

The heat is on is Stevie Wonder’s “Blame It On The Sun.”

Not surprisingly, the heat is on in Glenn Frey’s The Heat Is On.

I’m curious about what you do when the heat is on.

No matter what the temperature is here, I choose to feel and express gratitude for what I have, including this blog and my readers (that’s YOU).


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22 thoughts on “Day 2392: The Heat Is On

  1. Stay cool Ann and keep hydrated. Will do the same here in Toronto.

  2. Now I want to read My Grandmother’s Hands by Resmaa Menakem. In a world that’s steadily growing overheated his thoughts on racism and healing seem like they could help cool us down.

  3. A very warming read. Cool!

  4. i’m feeling a little cooler
    knowing you are there, Ann!
    nice having mahavishnu & stevie
    to accompany my cooling morning 🙂

  5. The heat is on here, too! It’s following that advice that anything worth doing is worth doing to excess!

  6. I hope the unusual heat is not too hard on your unusual heart, Ann.

  7. I hope you won’t have added humidity

  8. My dear wife Karen and I took a walk inside the mega shopping, dining and entertainment complex Destiny USA, which sits just a bit more than a mile or so from our house, Ann. We used their air conditioning on a steamy Saturday afternoon after meeting our friend for lunch in an equally air conditioned restaurant. When we got home, Karen braved the heat to go in the backyard pool, but I stayed inside our air conditioned living room to watch the Mets on TV.

    • Thanks for that smokin’ hot report, Mark. Michael and I ventured out for dinner at a Peruvian Restaurant near Logan Airport before we met Aaron arriving back in the U.S. from Jordan. Aaron said the heat here is much worse than in the Middle East. And that’s the way it was.

  9. After a terrible storm last night, the heat here finally broke! The heat is OFF:-)

  10. I love this post, Ann! I hope you’re a bit cooler, if not in the outer world, in the indoor and mindful one.

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