Day 2388: Getting your needs met

Have you been getting your needs met? If so, how do you do that? If not, what gets in the way?

Yesterday, as I was getting my needs met at work, I found this:


I wrote “Getting your needs met Group” on that manilla folder years ago, probably when I was getting ideas about how to help people get their needs met in group.

These days, I’m  doing very well at getting my needs met, except my need for sleep.  I wish I didn’t need to sleep, because there are so many exciting things to plan for and do!

Do you see anything about getting your needs met in these other recent photos?

















Cats are very good at getting their needs met.

When I search YouTube for “Getting your needs met song,” YouTube tries to meet my needs with “The Muffin Song.”

Apparently that song is meeting people’s needs, because it has over 126 million views. I suspect those characters need a good therapy group.

I’m getting my needs met by sharing these songs (here, here, here, and  here, if you need links) about needs:


If sharing your thoughts and feelings in a comment might help get your needs met, please do so.

Every day, I get my blogging needs met here, so I need to thank everybody who helps with that, including YOU.



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15 thoughts on “Day 2388: Getting your needs met

  1. Wonderful photos

  2. I am very excited about your upcoming appearance at the Edinburgh Fringe. And Aaron will have a show, too! Could you ever have imagined?

    • I did imagine but I’m very excited about the reality, Maureen! Thanks for meeting my need for a comment from you.

  3. very informative, thanks

  4. You have set your life up so your needs meet you, Ann.

  5. I’m very lucky in the needs met department

  6. It’s difficult for me to distinguish between needs, which I’ve always been told are mandatory, and wants, which I’ve been told are optional. I hesitate to ask for anything for fear I might be bothering people with mere wants. And now I wonder, is that something I need to overcome?

    • I want and need to tell you this, Chris: Do not hesitate to ask for what you need OR want. And the world needs more people like you, in case you want to know.

  7. When I have needs to be met I calll Leo ot Tasha

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