Day 2385: I Need Your Help.

Yesterday, in a therapy group, we talked about how difficult it is to ask others for help.  I wrote this up on the white board to remind people about how to ask for help:


Today, I need your help.  I have to submit a 340-character blurb and a photo about  my Edinburgh Free Fringe show — Group “Therapy” with Ann — tomorrow at the latest, so it can be included in the published version of the Wee Blue Book, listing all the Free Fringe shows. (Here‘s a link to the current listings in that book.)

Here’s what I’ve got, so far, for my blurb:

If you want a taste of group therapy with a trained professional who writes songs like “Everybody’s Somebody’s A**hole,” don’t miss this ONE TIME ONLY show. Find out just enough about yourself and others to feel better. “This could work.” – Scottish comedian Raymond Mearns. “That’s my mother.” – award-winning comedian Aaron Fairbanks.

If you saw that amongst hundreds of other show descriptions, might you attend that show?

The accompanying photo has to be small and square, and I’m considering one of these, taken last year during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival by my son Aaron’s friend Camilla:

Photo 1:


Photo 2:


Photo 3:

Free Fringe 4

Photo 4:


Photo 5:


I need your help in deciding which of those photos might be best.

When I have lots of choices and am under a deadline, sometimes I feel like this:


Here‘s an appropriate song for today:

Many thanks to all those who help others, here, there and everywhere, including YOU!


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45 thoughts on “Day 2385: I Need Your Help.

  1. I would definitely attend and photo 2 is perfect!

  2. Hi. Isn’t this exciting! I like the write up and the high recommendations and I’d go with photo 3. Just waiting to plug people in those chairs! Good luck and don’t forget your Wellies.

  3. I would attend and Photo 2 is very good. Photo 1 is my second choice. You are a bit lost in streetscape in the others.

    It is my birthday today and my kids are making breakfast for me now. I will try to come back and comment on your blurb. First, I have to think about it. (I like it, though). Your word limit is tight!

    My first thought would be to remove the words “If you want a taste” and use those characters to indicate that you are a real psychotherapist. “Trained professional” could be any kind of professional, for people who don’t know you. For example, you could be a professional ukulele player. (“Trained Professional” is a description used more in America for therapists, than where I live.)The “if you want to” will be understood by anybody at The Fringe anyway, because this blurb is an invitation. If I were there, I think I would want to know that you are a real therapist (also great to know that you are at a Boston Hospital), tackle the hard things in life, but are somehow going to make me laugh. Depth and humor, an unbeatable combination. Of course, this needs to come through in only a few hundred characters, so let me think.

    • Happy birthday, Maureen! I used your feedback to rewrite the blurb as follows:

      For a taste of group work with a therapist who also writes songs like “Triggers” and “Everybody’s Somebody’s A–hole,” don’t miss this ONE time only show. Find out just enough about yourself and others to feel better. “This could work.” – Scottish comedian Raymond Mearns. “That’s my mother.” – Award-winning comedian Aaron Fairbanks.

  4. The second photo is lovely!! Xxx

  5. I agree with photo 2, and I would so totally attend!! You may need to take this show on the road 🙂

  6. I choose the second photo Ann. They are all good, but this one is special 😀

  7. This is great Ann! I like photos 2 and 3. Depends how many peeps you would expect to sit down with you. I would be very curious 😊

    • I wish you were in Edinburgh in August, Val, so you could sit down with me!

      • Now that would be so much fun! I am just back from Scotland and spent most of the time this time in the Highlands. Perhaps next year we can celebrate the launch of Aaron and Ann on to the Fringe scene. 🥳

  8. I like this part of your blurb the best. “‘If you want a taste of group therapy with a trained professional who writes songs like “Everybody’s Somebody’s A**hole,” don’t miss this ONE TIME ONLY show. Find out just enough about yourself and others to feel better.”‘

    Photo #4 is my favorite because you’re looking into the camera, there are several chairs suggesting group, and there’s also some very nice scenery in the background.

    Hope all goes well. Enjoy!!!

  9. I wouldn’t change a word of the blurb.
    And I like Photo 2 the best: off-center but close and intimate, with an empty seat for anyone who wants to join.

  10. The photos are cropped closely so you really need a closer shot, otherwise it will be a tiny image of you. The thinking, listening, pondering pose you do so well! Also I would offer “Money back if you don’t feel really good after this session!” I know, I know!!!!! Enjoy, and I hope you get loads of attendees.

    • I had that money back guarantee in one of my drafts, Peter! And I cropped a pondering photo to make it much closer. Your help is very valuable!

      • I wish I could get to see you! You could offer to pay the audience to let you sing – toffees (and there’s an added joke of “I can’t sing for toffee!”

  11. Oh, I like it!

  12. Photo #2 is my first choice, followed by photo #1 🙂

  13. #2 and I love the blurb! I would go in a heartbeat –

  14. #2 and then #5 get my vote

  15. Great work, Ann.
    I prefer photo four the most.
    As for your blurb: Could you work the phrase ‘tune in with Ann’ somewhere? I know the character count is tight.

  16. I don’t know if I made the deadline but I adore the blurb and think photo #2 is the one!

  17. I love photos 2, 3, and 5. Go with one of them!

  18. I see that most of your responders agree with me – – – my choice is #2. You are looking wise, coy, inviting… adorable! ❤

  19. Photo #2 is my choice! Whilst you look pensive, I like the fact that there is eye contact (albeit with the camera) and the empty chair looks like an invitation to join you or that you’re expecting someone to join you.

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