Day 2378: Looking for love

If you’re looking for love, don’t be looking at the news. Instead, try looking around you.



After I took those two photos yesterday morning at the parking garage near work, I knew I’d be looking for love for the rest of the day.   Winston, who works at that parking garage, was looking at me as I was capturing those images, so I explained to him what I was doing. (If you’re looking for more about Winston, you should be looking here, here,  here, and here.) Winston, looking serious, told me people who are looking for love can see it. As I was looking at him, he  also told me that he and I would both live on after death. I told him I’d be looking for him in the afterlife. He said, “You might not recognize me,” so I replied,  “I think I’d recognize you, Winston.”  He was looking happy when I walked away.

Here are the results of my looking for love for the rest of the day:













Do you agree that if you ‘re looking for love, you’ll see it?

Looking for a song about looking for love?

You can find those “Looking for Love” tunes  by looking on YouTube here, here, here, here, and here.

I’ll be looking for your comments on this “Looking for Love” post.

Looking for gratitude from me for all those who helped me create this post and for you? Look no further.


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21 thoughts on “Day 2378: Looking for love

  1. and if at first you don’t see it, stop and look in the mirror.

  2. Whether it’s Dusty Springfield or Diana Krall
    The look of love is in your eyes Ann
    The look your smile and blog can’t disguise.

  3. In Looking for Love I came across a live version of one of my favourites:

  4. What a nice idea. As you can see it’s all around. And I do love your conversation with Winston.

  5. And did you find it that day ?

  6. A line from Jean Cocteau’s Les Enfants Terrible, which I read in translation but which has stayed with me, is, “The loved faces resemble each other.” All we have to do is look and we’ll find it.

    • Face it, Chris, our faces most likely resemble each other’s. Thanks for looking and for staying with me.

  7. Lovely post Ann 🙂
    Send love to you ❤

  8. Sometimes we are responsible for other people’s feelings, though. I found out today that due to a misunderstanding, I caused someone who loved me to
    feel unloved for 12 years. Found out today, fixed that today. So now I feel a little bit responsible for their happiness as well

    • I would say that we definitely affect each other’s feelings, Maureen, and need to be mindful about that. People are still responsible for their own feelings, though. You definitely affect my feelings each time you comment, in important ways.

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  10. It would take a lot for me to love a $50 parking spot, Ann.

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