Day 2377: Fear Free

It’s difficult to be fear free in this time of fear mongering, but I believe that being fear free will set us free.

I was fear free, yesterday, as I took all these photos:

































While we were waiting for the Boston fireworks last night, a fear-free father sent that fire-filled balloon up into the sky.

As I am creating this post I am fear free, even though WordPress keeps telling me:

! Saving of draft failed.

You can’t scare me, WordPress!

I am fear free as I ask this question: Which of the photos in this post best represents “fear free” to you?

I am fear free as I choose this one:


Playing a kazoo as you’re buried up to your neck in sand is about as fear free as you can be.

Here‘s HouseSmarts PetSmarts “Fear Free” Episode 98.

To keep my readers fear free, I will share that both our cats are okay.

My fear free friend Deb (who gave me the art-from-the-heart cat pin) (which my fear free boyfriend thought looked exactly like our fear-filled cat Harley) and I saw “Echo in the Canyon” at the Coolidge Corner Cinema yesterday. Here’s a favorite song featured in that fear free  film:

I look forward to your fear free comments, below.

Fear free thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — to YOU.



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17 thoughts on “Day 2377: Fear Free

  1. I agree with the sand-buried thought, Ann! Also, you must be fairly fear-free to toss a bag of fire into the sky.
    I was free of many things yesterday as my dear wife Karen and I took a dip in our own pool in the afternoon and then merely walked down the block for a good view of the fireworks set off over the ballpark after the Syracuse Mets’ victory.
    Happy Fifth of July as I get ready to leave for work at the library

  2. and luckily, I never have to fear reading your posts, there is always something to gain here (even it’s a pound after eating ice cream at the cafe Maddie) )

  3. I immediately thought of this song from “The King and I” when I read the first part of this post:

  4. Great fear-free photos Ann. The best one is of one of your beauties 🙂

  5. Maureen

    I have enjoyed your photos of your “Left the house before I felt ready” t-shirt many times, but today, for the first time, I paused to consider what you mean by it. I always took it to be a kind of wry apology-in-advance for minor fumbles such as mussed hair or arriving two minutes late for a meeting. (Not really an apology, just a bit of humour.) But today, I realized that it could mean the opposite, a statement of courage or determination: “I wasn’t ready, but I’m doing it anyway.”

    Do you have any thoughts about my fearless question?

    • Thank you for your fearless question, Maureen. I always enjoy your perspectives. The t-shirt means both, with the emphasis on the second meaning.

      Your fear-free friend,

  6. I think there’s so much we could accomplish if we didn’t feel fear. Being buried up to the neck in sand seems like it would be terrifying but playing the kazoo would help. Getting lots of treats every time I go to the vet would be nice too.

  7. I suppose the vet’s sign best represents fear free – but sometimes it is sensible to fear.

  8. I’m sure Harley helped train these fear free clinics.

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