Day 2376: Special Operations

Yesterday, on a special day, I noticed “Special Operations” on a parked  police motorcycle.


I thought, “I’m going to be interviewed for a special podcast tonight about my special heart and several special operations, including open heart surgery.”  As I was taking that special photo for today’s “Special Operations” blog post,  I heard somebody speaking to me and that turned out to be special operations officer Hicks:


I explained to Officer Hicks, “I took that photo because I’ve had many special operations on my heart.”  He said something special, like “Those special operations must have gone well because you look pretty good considering you’ve had all those special operations.”   He also said he didn’t think he was handsome enough to be in a blog, which I thought was especially modest.

Officer Hicks and many other special operations officers were in Boston yesterday, in preparation for the special Boston 4th of July celebration today. Minutes after I photographed special operations officer Hicks, I noticed something special on my car.


I thought, “What?!?! It’s true that I just spent a long time getting a special teeth cleaning and also talking to my special dentist Dr. Del Castillo, who is doing so well after having the special operation of a double lung transplant, but I don’t think that took over two hours!”  I looked more closely and saw this special reason for that ticket:


Since when do they give out special tickets for being over 1 ft from the curb, especially since only the back of my car barely met that special criteria?


I know that special operations officer Hicks is not somebody who gives out tickets and —  in case he thinks that I’m looking for special treatment —  I already did an online special operation last night to pay it.

Do you see any special operations in my other special photos from yesterday?

As you can see from those photos, I did a special operation of pre-medicating before my dental cleaning and did a special operation  when I got home — trying out a new cat carrier on Oscar, our cat-in-a-bag.

After my special boyfriend Michael and I walked around our special neighborhood last night (and saw some unexpectedly special fireworks and a special beach bonfire), we danced to this special 4th of July song:

Now, I’m going to request that you do the special operation of making a comment, below.

Happy July 4th to everybody who performs the special operation of reading this blog, including YOU!



It took me several special operations to upload my photos today. I hope you don’t have to perform any special operations to see them!

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27 thoughts on “Day 2376: Special Operations

  1. you are always special to me –

  2. Enjoy your ‘special day’ today. We had ours on Monday.

  3. May the Fourth treat you especially well, Ann.
    Hey, every day you let the cat out of the bag about at least one thing here, Oscar should know.

  4. Luis Del Castillo

    Although is not really an operation is always special seeing you in the office

  5. Have a special Independence Day, and buy a special one foot ruler!

  6. Wish you a special good day Ann 🙂

  7. I am delighted to hear that Dr. Del Castillo is well enough to work. Hope your dental appointment went well. Sorry about the ticket. Excellent photos, though, and fun to see you back to interviewing random people for your blog. Happy Independence Day.

  8. I’m especially pleased to be commenting here, among such special people as officer Hicks and Dr. Del Castillo, and to have just performed the operation of adding your episode of “Heart To Heart With Anna” to my list of podcasts. I hope this continues to be a special day for you.

    • And of course in my haste I missed that your episode hasn’t even been recorded yet but I’ve added “Heart To Heart With Anna” to my list, and I’m feeling especially sheepish.

  9. And special operations Oscar helps!

  10. You’ve had more than your share of special operations, Ann

  11. Isaac

    Here in So. Calif., We’ve just had two very special July 4th and 5th earthquakes !! Just for us on this special day ( and the day after, because we’re so special) No one hurt, I hear, and that’s special. Big, special earthquake cracks in the ground ! Do they go all the way down to the center of the earth? Seems like they should. Maybe tomorrow will be special too ! Yourrrrrr especialllllllly jigggggggeled corrrrrrressssponent, Isaac

    • Special wishes and hopes to you, Isaac, and to all of Southern California! And special thanks for being our special correspondent.

  12. Oh how annoying to get a ticket!!

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