Day 2375: Who you are, who you aren’t.

Who I am is a group therapist and “who you are, who you aren’t” came up in a therapy group yesterday.


Who I am is somebody who likes clarity, so “who you are, who you aren’t” is on the second-to-bottom line in that group-generated topic list, above.

Who I am NOT is somebody with great handwriting.

Who I am is also a human being who …

  •  wears socks with information about who I am,


  •  appreciates the kindness in others,


  •  notices sensitivity, acceptance, and emotions,


  •  tries to take a breath when feeling attacked,


  • thinks there are three great questions to ask oneself before responding to others,


  • usually validates others before moving on to next steps,


  • loves living near the ocean,


  • appreciates great home cooking,


  • has an unusual heart,


  • and shares, on this blog and elsewhere, information about living with a very unusual heart.


Who I am NOT is somebody who has been interviewed for a podcast before, but I will be that person after tonight.

Here‘s the Who with “Who Are You.”

If who you are is somebody who comments on blogs, please share any thoughts and feelings about “who you are, who you aren’t” below.

Who I am is a person who feels and expresses gratitude for those who help me create these daily posts and — of course! — for YOU (no matter who you are or aren’t).



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16 thoughts on “Day 2375: Who you are, who you aren’t.

  1. I am somebody who appreciates the way you are, Ann. I am not somebody who was able to integrate certain changes my internet carrier suggested for my email settings correctly yesterday, so I will have to attempt to get it right again somehow. My turn to be grrrrrrrr-ing about gadgets.

  2. Who I am – it does not matter.
    I’m only here to read the chatter,
    comment once or twice for sure,
    and then come back and read some more!

  3. I’m someone who wishes I could attend your talk because I think it would be fascinating and enjoyable, and also someone who, among other things, is a big fan of The Who, and especially the song “Behind Blue Eyes”. It’s a song that, to me, speaks to how even the bad and misunderstood among us need others.

  4. I’m a living soul, who appreciate your kindness Ann.
    I’m not so patiently, as I was earlier, but better for me, I feel.

  5. Who I am, is an ecstatic person with a broken heart.

  6. I am a short, fat middle aged woman, who trys to be kind.
    I am not bothered by being short and fat as my grandson says i am big because I am filled with loved for so many people, and kindness he says I have a lot of kindness in me

  7. well, i do
    not know!
    thought i’d
    come here
    to find out 🙂

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