Day 2373: Authority issues

Because I have the authority to know such things, I can declare that I have never before used the term “authority issues” (or even the word “authority”) in any of the thousands of post titles I’ve issued over the years, here at this daily blog.

I don’t have any issues about that, but let’s see if finding a definition of the term “authority issues” is an issue this morning. has some authority to issue this:

When we say we have issues with authority it means we have difficulty with individuals who wield power over us. This could be our boss, but also someone with higher social status, or anyone who has something we want and the power to withhold it. … The trouble lies in the way we feel about authority.

I remember, years ago — when authority was an issue at my previous workplace — saying to a co-worker, “Apparently, I have authority issues,” and her replying, “Ann! Who doesn’t have authority issues?”

I will say that I have MANY issues with people in authority these days (including the President of these United States). How about you?  What are your authority issues? Only you have the authority to say.

Today, I have to deal with two bureaucracies who have “something we want and the power to withhold it …” that is, the Internal Revenue Service (who still have not issued my refund) and an insurance company. Because I have authority issues, I am not looking forward to any of the issues that may arise during those encounters.

I do have the authority to issue whatever photos I want here, because it’s my blog!   Let’s see if there are any authority issues in my latest photos:




Who has the authority to say “Michael shows a lot of authority in his cooking” or “Harley obviously has authority over that squirrel”?

YouTube issues many good suggestions about “Authority Issues” including this one (in which Phil Dourado talks about The Authority Problem of telling truth to power):


In 1992, John Mellencamp had the authority to perform “The Authority Song” live at the Farm Aid benefit concert.

I have the authority to end my blog posts with gratitude, so thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — to YOU.


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25 thoughts on “Day 2373: Authority issues

  1. I’d say when I was younger, Leonard Cohen was the “Boss”, with no authority issues ….

  2. Ann, you wield authority on your blog with great finesse.

  3. while we don’t have the power to control some of the authority figures/institutions around us, we do have the authority to respond and react to them in the way we choose.

  4. You know the old pearl, Ann. Regarding authority, some people might have more issues than National Geographic.

    • How does Michael get his carrots so uniform and geometric in shape?

      I can’t tell from your photos whether Harley or Oscar is the ultimate authority over that mouse.

      This morning, I looked out of my hotel room window here in Las Vegas and saw the Trump tower glowing at sunrise. It was surreal. All of Las Vegas is surreal. And I have to ask, am I the mouse? But only for a moment, because I will go to see my daughter and her daughters today. And as I gave this daughter up for adoption when I was young, today will be the day that these children learn that I am their grandmother. I have had not authority over any of that, but I have hoped forever that this day would happen.

    • I have the authority to say, Mark and Maureen, that I love and appreciate all the pearls of wisdom you have shared on my blog. ❤ ❤

  5. That ‘wields power over me’ part. Stopped me in my tracks. Defined a lot for me. Thank you Ann. You think you know something about yourself and then you read something so simply stated and you finally see something with clarity.

  6. Am I authorized to talk about authority? Phil Dourado’s examples of leaders who listen make me think of the negative effects I’ve seen from leaders who didn’t listen to honest, thoughtful feedback, as well as the positive effects of leaders who did listen. It reassures me that you’re a leader who listens.
    On the other hand Oscar and Harley get their authority from only listening to what they want to hear.

  7. So many people in authority are jackasses, just saying

  8. I’m authorized to not accept my lack of authority to the authorities.

  9. Issues is with the humans who invented the term, and authority lies with the cats!

  10. I don’t have authority issues, but just you try telling me what to do 🙂

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