Day 2365: You are here

I’m so glad you are here!

Yesterday, when I was here in Chicago, I saw this here mural during a wonderful architecture boat tour on  the amazing Chicago River.


Yes, that’s a map of the Chicago River  on the side of a riverside high-rise, with the red marker indicating: “You are here” ! (If you want to hear more about that building and that map, click here.)

When we were here at this building


I was definitely hearing some boo’s. If you want more information about that building, click here.

I hope the rest of my photos make you feel like you are here, in the mostly beautiful city of Chicago.


Yesterday, when I was here …


… I gained another, useful perspective on the building I had photographed the day before (here).


When you are here at my blog,  there will be different perspectives and the occasional pun.


Who’s here in my last photo from yesterday?


Here‘s “Here to Stay” by the Pat Metheny Group, from the album We Live Here.

Since you are here, why not let me know where you are in a comment below?

As always, I’m grateful that you are here!



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23 thoughts on “Day 2365: You are here

  1. Nice to see Chicago from your eyes, Ann 😀

  2. Great post 🙂

  3. I hope we are all “Here” tomorrow

    “The Rear Of Night”

    My foggy morning, an inky dye
    The heavy mist, has kidnapped my sky
    Sabotaging my light, the sun disappeared in front of my eyes
    The rear of night, has been left with no flight
    There’s no start, nor end to my blurred sight
    Breathing in moist air, I gasp, were’s the moon ?
    Has my gloomy forecast, unravelled too soon
    Is this sunless day, the beginning of doom ?

  4. I grew up near Chicago and this was a lovely trip down memory lane.

  5. Streets Don’t Fail Me Now.
    That’s what I would title that awesome building mural, Ann.
    Chicago looks awesome, thanks to your eye.

  6. I’m happy to be here and laughing at the idea that when the river is runnin’ high you can’t see the “River runnin’ high” sign.

  7. Glad you’re there!

  8. I’m here, wondering how those cars do not overshoot the parking bays and end up flying (but only briefly!)

  9. Maureen

    Hi Ann! I am so glad to be here, enjoying your photos of the extraordinary Chicago architecture, that you took while there. How exhilarating, to be there doing that! That photo of the very tall, cylindrical and amply-balconied building made me think that it is a strange world where you can float your boat under a building that has hundreds and thousands of people in it, and park your boat there (and somehow step away?). I am fond of buildings that seem more visibly attached to the earth than that, but it reminded me that the world is made of dreams and physics and that my own imagination benefits from encountering the imagination of others from time to time. This blog is a good place to do that.

  10. Yes I am here but I would rather be in bed sleeping, I am so tired

  11. I don’t think I’d like to be there

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