Day 2357: First-Aid for Desperate Moments

When I was having some desperate moments yesterday because of sleep deprivation (among other stressors), I found “First-Aid for Desperate Moments” online at Sundown Healing Arts, with these helpful phrases from Sonia Connolly, LMT, Reiki Master:

“I give thanks for help unknown already on the way.”

“It ended.”

“This problem is already solved.”

“I am doing the right thing.”

“What if this isn’t mine?”

“Don’t go to the hardware store for milk.”

“Don’t compare your insides to someone else’s outsides.”

“I am already good enough.”

“I don’t need fixing.”

“It’s okay to be where I am right now.”

It was more than okay to be at Sonia Connolly’s helpful website.

I would like to believe that, as a group and individual therapist, I provide first-aid for desperate moments, too.

Here are some moments from yesterday:





















Dining out near the ocean is definitely first-aid for desperate moments and so is music I love. Here’s “First Circle” from the Pat Metheny Group:


What is your first-aid for desperate moments?

Gratitude is an aid for any moment, so thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — to YOU.





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16 thoughts on “Day 2357: First-Aid for Desperate Moments

  1. Are you worried that somebody you love has been exposed to asbestos, Ann. (I can’t help but try to put photos together into a story)

    The two photos of water, trees and a building are lovely. Are they taken in Boston?

    • I”m not worried about asbestos, Maureen. I’m sorry if I gave you a desperate moment there. And the photos of water, trees, and a building are from Boston, near the hospital where I work. Your comments are always first-aid for me!

  2. Mr. Rogers said, “Look for the helpers,” but I never considered before that sometimes you have to ask for help. When you ask it can often surprise you that there are unknown helpers all around.

  3. First-Aid for Desperate Moments for cat-less moments.

  4. I keep in mind one thought: give thanks for my blessings! There never is a situation so desperate that you can’t find a blessing or two to help you though it.

    “None” you might ask?

    Yes, even when I learned I have an incurable disease in 2003 that the doctor told me would kill me within two years I found blessings to tide me over. Any time I checked in for routine blood and urine tests, I’d see at least one person in worst shape than me. “I’m not so bad off, I’d tell myself. “I, at least, [fill in the blank with the condition afflicting the person in worse shape here].”

    Some days, the blessing might be nothing less than good friends who care for me when I need care. Or my cats when they make me laugh with their outrageous behaviors. (“But you’re a pedigree Persian…!” I protested once, “Surely a pedigree kitty doesn’t destroy furniture!” I had to laugh twice on that “conversation I had with Dougy, the naughty kitty, once because I was so naive about cats, and a second time because I was talking with a cat thjat couldn’t care less what my issue was with destroying furniture. The blessing that day was I needed to laugh at myself and could!)

    On the third anniversary of my doctor telling me my likely fate, I had another appointment. “Three years ago, you told me I’d be dead within two years,” I told him. I had my blessing for that day! LOL!

    Feel free to use my matra for dealing with desperate times: Count Your Blessings!

  5. I caught up on sleep today, Ann, feel pretty good myself, thank you.

  6. My go-to phrase for difficult moments? This is not who I am.
    Sleep deprivation is a bitch!

  7. All of the lists and “helps” are really excellent, Ann. For me, as well, a dining experience–even just a taco!–at the beach somehow brings me back in alignment when I feel very stressed. I often use the old western references, and I “circle the wagons,” meaning for me, I just stop and don’t move too far outside my closest circle of loved ones until I feel I can manage better. I hope you captured some well-needed rest, somehow in the midst of fun, this weekend!

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