Day 2354: What love looks like in public

When you read today’s title — “What love looks like in public” — what springs to your mind?

What loves looks like in public could be

  • PDA’s (Public Displays of Affection),
  • heart-warming kindness,
  • people wearing their hearts on their sleeves,
  • natural beauty,
  • a public library,
  • any welcoming, safe, accessible, and open space,
  • a house of worship,
  • this blog, or



Here and now, I  publicly and lovingly wish there was more justice in the world.

Do you see any love in public in today’s other public photos?
















I have public love for my son, Aaron, pictured there in public.

Here’s Carlton Jumel Smith with “This is What Love Looks Like.”

I’m publicly looking forward, with love, to your comments, below.

Public thanks and love to all who helped me create today’s blog and — of course! — to YOU.


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14 thoughts on “Day 2354: What love looks like in public

  1. the ghost bike shows how much the woman was loved by so many, so sad that she is gone too soon, and such a wonderful legacy of love

  2. I am proud that we offer a haven to the public every day at the library for which I work, Ann. I can see the love for that safe space in so many eyes.

  3. I like seeing Aaron enjoying some sunshine along with his public love. Hope his studies went well.

  4. In September 1995 Juanita Brazier, who opened Nashville’s first gay bar, passed away. Some of the men who spoke for a tribute to her only did so anonymously, afraid of being outed.
    Even in the current uncertainty it’s remarkable to think how far things have come, and wonderful to see how many people who were once afraid to be out can now publicly express their love for each other.

  5. Ok as long as people do not mix up love and sex I am ok people showing their love in public a kiss is good shoving your tongue into someones mouth not so much, keep it in your own mouth.

  6. I like the second picture, except that it’s in the trash can

  7. Every time I see the “ghost bike” I am moved. I think as a pubic memorial it holds very special meaning. That is indeed “love in public.” Very nice, Ann.

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