Day 2353: On a roll

I’m on a roll, as I roll out this definition:

on a roll
phrase of “roll”
experiencing a prolonged spell of success or good luck.
“the organization is on a roll”

I’m on a roll in my role as President of the Northeastern Society of Group Psychotherapy.



I’m on a roll in my role as songwriter, because I wrote a new song yesterday.


Everybody’s Somebody’s Asshole

by Ann Koplow


Everybody’s somebody’s asshole.

Everybody’s somebody’s jerk.

You may think you’re great,

But you’re bound to irritate

Someone when you’re driving or at work.

Everybody’s somebody’s asshole.

Everybody’s somebody’s creep.

Even if you’re nice,

You needn’t wonder twice

You’ve definitely disturbed somebody’s sleep.

Who’s your asshole?

Whose asshole are you?

We’re all assholes

In somebody’s view.

Everybody’s somebody’s asshole.

Some asshole told me that long ago.

It might cause you grief

Or give you some relief

That it’s okay to let your asshole show.

© Ann Koplow, 2019


If I used an old-fashioned camera, all these photos might be on a roll:






















Dinner was on a roll Sunday night, but not last night.


Here (and here) are two versions of Head Like a Hole/On a Roll:


Trent Reznor, Miley Cyrus, and Black Mirror are all on a roll.

Time to roll out the comments, below!

I’m on a roll with my daily gratitude, so thanks to all who helped me create this “On a Roll” post and — of course! — thanks to YOU.


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27 thoughts on “Day 2353: On a roll

  1. and you are on a writing roll. congrats on your role and now I’m hungry for cinnamon rolls.

  2. I was ready with a bagel comment, Ann, but you beat me with the photo. Now I’ll have to say you could go onto a bialy, but those are harder to find,

    • Mark, you make me homesick for Brooklyn with bialy! Gotta go to the one place I know in Naples Fl that sells authentic bagels and bialys: Brooklyn Dough with a Hole. Thanks for the prompt!

    • It’s great to find you both here, Mark and Sunny!

  3. From the sublime (conference leader extraordinaire) to the profane (asshole lyricist), plus awesome non-roll photos! Ann, you never cease to impress and inspire me!

  4. Your song had me literally Laughing Out Loud, and might have even had me Rolling On The Floor Laughing had I not been siting down. You are indeed on a roll which reminded me of this.

  5. Anne, Congrats on the published piece and honor. Your song is heartwarming…or maybe a bit lower warming.

  6. When I saw your post, my first thought was to ask you if you prefer Swiss, Sausage or Spring rolls ha

  7. The only time I am on a roll is when I fall over and roll down a hill

  8. I love your new song! And so true. I am definitely some people’s … uh … major irritant.

    I have returned from my travels to Winnipeg and am happy back with WiFi and your blog.

    • I can’t believe you’re anybody’s major irritant, Maureen, because you’re a major light in my life! So happy to see you back here.

  9. You were on a roll with those blue period photos

  10. You were definitely on a roll, my friend! Love the lyrics to your new song. I laughed at the truth delivered humorously! 🙂

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