Day 2349: What is the title of this post?

4 times be-4 (but who’s counting?), I’ve published blog posts with similar titles (here, here, here, and here).

I could label a title like  this — “What is the title of this post?” — as  lazy, or I could choose to reframe this choice more positively and with more self-forgiveness.

For example, maybe I am using this title today because I am interested 2 C how YOU might title a post with all these photos:














What is the title of this song by Da Vinci’s Notebook?

What are your comments about this post?

The title of this post (and all my posts) could be “Gratitude,” so thanks to all who helped me create this and — of course! — thanks to YOU!

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9 thoughts on “Day 2349: What is the title of this post?

  1. Have Pride in Who You Are
    … would be one alternative title, but you may also have used that one in your years of post wisdom, Ann!

    • I have not used that title before, Mark. Therefore, I shall use it for my next blog post! What would I do without you, my friend?

  2. Grilled socks

  3. I have the DaVinci’s Notebook CD that includes “Title Of The Song” and in the liner notes they claim the song was inspired by an article on boy bands in an academic journal of popular culture studies.
    The funny thing is neither the article nor the journal are real–DaVinci’s Notebook made them up.
    That and the title of this post remind me of how we have to make up our way through the world.

  4. Sometimes life socks!

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